Why Do Ants Love My House?

By July 20, 2016Ants

It happens every year. You strive desperately to claim your house as your own as ants relentlessly swarm your kitchen, bathrooms and more. Just when you think maybe you have conquered the problem, a crumb gets left out and they’re back with a vengeance. No matter how much ant killer and traps you put out, they still seem to come back, sometimes more so than before. Why is this? Why does it seem that your never ending attempts at DIY ant control aren’t enough and the ants just come back year after year? What is it about your house that they like so much?

ant infestations

You provide their basic needs

Simply put, your home has everything they need to grow an infestation. You provide them with shelter, food and water that helps their colony expand as time goes on. Ants have a unique way of telling the whole colony that your house is a treasure trove of delicious morsels. By leaving a trail of pheromones for the other ants to follow, what was first one ant that made the discovery, could soon be hundreds of ants coming to join the smorgasbord in your kitchen. And once they know your house has what they need, they won’t be leaving anytime soon. In the case of carpenter ants, the wood in your home is in danger of serious damage so leaving an infestation too long could cost you a lot of money to repair.

Your house sits on an established colony

Homes are often built in places where existing colonies have occupied space for years. When your house is built, they feel like YOU are invading THEIR territory. Some ant colonies are so large they can take up entire city blocks so keeping these ants out of your house requires professional skills. If you become complacent, the infestation will grow and they will infiltrate more areas of your home. Getting rid of the ant colonies outside is an impossible feat because ants occupy nearly every square inch of land (save Antarctica and a few remote islands). Ants have been around for millions of years so they aren’t leaving anytime soon, it’s time we accept this. But we do NOT need to accept them as housemates and it is possible to keep them out of your home, no matter how many are outside, it just requires dedication.

Professional ant control to the rescue!

There is no one better when you need Albany ant control than Pointe Pest Control. We have many years of experience with ant infestation and successfully providing you with an ant free home is our goal. It is essential that you schedule routine inspections and treatments year round to combat them. Just because you don’t see them in the winter, doesn’t mean they aren’t growing their colony and getting stronger during the cold months. We look forward to becoming your dedicated pest control technicians for many years to come.