Get Familiar With The Local Spiders

By April 25, 2017Spiders

When you are cleaning out a dusty closet or gardening in your flower bed and you come across a strange looking and loathsome spider, knowing immediately whether or not that spider is dangerous, could potentially save your life. Being able to discern if the spider in your home is just an icky invader or hazardous is important not only for your sanity, but for the safety of your family too. If you discover deadly spiders in or around your home, immediate spider control is vital. Dabbling in DIY spider control when it comes to poisonous spider bites is never a good idea.


Who are the spiders in your neighborhood?

No one really loves spiders so even if you do not have a paralyzing fear of them, it is never pleasant to see one in your home. It is useful however, to familiarize yourself with the common spiders in your area. Here are some you might see:

Yellow sac spider: Their yellow abdomen and pale legs are easily recognized. Mostly seen in the spring and summer, it likes to hunt at night. They do not build webs, instead they chase their prey. During the day, they hide in their silk sacs they spin to sleep in.

Mouse spider: Similar to the yellow sac spider, these arachnids hunt their prey. They are seen at night on your walls or ceilings, looking for a tasty bite to eat. These spiders can bite if provoked, causing a painful welt, though they are not lethal.

Wolf spider: These spiders are recognized by their giant pedipalps and brown body patterned body. They can run quite fast and though their bite is poisonous, it is not dangerous, delivering a painful bite if they feel threatened.

Hobo spider: These light brown spiders have built a terrifying reputation amongst homeowners. Their bite is infrequent and Oregon Department of Agriculture warns that their bite could be potentially dangerous.

Black widow: With their black bodies and red hour glass shape on their abdomens, most people have been educated to their appearance and deadly bite. If you spot one of these spiders around your home, immediate spider control is vital.

Brown recluse spiders: Between the brown recluse and the black widow, these two spiders rule your nightmares. Brown recluses seldom cause death, however, their bites are known to cause necrotic lesions on the skin and even nervous system pain.

These spiders, along with many others such as the cellar spider, jumping spider and orb weavers, to name a few are some you could bump into when you live in the Northwest.

No more spiders sneaking in your house

We all would like to pretend spiders do not exist and forget that their egg sacs could be hatching right under our noses with the warmer spring weather…but that’s just not realistic. Spiders are everywhere but it is possible to have a spider free house with the help of Pointe Pest Control. Our technicians are especially experienced when it comes to spider control and knowing what species are inhabiting your home. We can answer all your questions and with year round treatments, leave you with a spider and pest free home throughout the year. Let Pointe Pest Control solve your spider problems today!