If You Plant It They Will Leave

By April 20, 2018Rodents

You have probably heard that Brussels sprouts are one of the most hated vegetables in America. Other contenders for the spot of most hated vegetable are beets and broccoli. While you might be able to use some of these vegetables to repel irritating in-laws, have you ever wondered if there are plants that repel mice? When it comes to pest infestations, mice and other rodents are among the most destructive. They gnaw holes throughout your home and the diseases they transmit are a hazard to the health of you and your family. Because of their destructive nature, it is easy to understand why repelling rodents would be a good thing. Pointe Pest Control wants you to have the information you need for residential pest control. Here are a few plants you might want to incorporate into your planting plan.


Plants that repel mice

  • Mint: Mint has been shown to repel mice. You can incorporate peppermint or spearmint into your flower beds.
  • Catnip: Catnip is another plant in the mint family. Cat owners especially love catnip because of the euphoric effect it has on their favorite felines. Just as other mint plants, mice do not care for the smell of catnip.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a pretty, purple flower that has been used in clothing drawers to add smell to clothes for centuries. People have also used lavender to keep the mice at bay.
  • Daffodil: You can use this flowering plant to add beauty to your yard while helping to keep the mice out if it as well.
  • Wood hyacinth: Gardeners have used this flowering plant to repel mice and rats from their gardens.
  • Amaryllis: Amaryllis is another flowering plant that repels mice. If you have areas in your yard that mice use as a hangout, planting Amaryllis might help them decide to move somewhere else.

Other things to Consider

While there are plenty of people who hate Brussels sprouts, there are plenty of other people who will gladly eat them. The same can be said of rodents. You can use plants to repel mice, but there could be some mice that do not mind the smell at all. Even if they hate the smell, if there is available food in your home, and a mouse has to travel through mint to get to a hole in your foundation, guess what, the mouse will take make the journey. Using plants to repel mice should be one thing in your arsenal. Your main defense in keeping mice out of your home is making certain there aren’t any pathways into your house. Mice can fit through a hole that is the size of a nickel. Check for gaps around your gas lines and electrical conduits. You can fill the gaps with steel wool. Mice can chew through a lot of things, but steel will ruin their teeth.

Comprehensive Pest Control

For comprehensive residential pest control, you need Pointe Pest Control. Rodent control is our specialty. If you are tired of living with rodents, we can get them out of your home. Instead of relying on only one treatment method, we use everything in our vast arsenal. Our professional, experienced technicians will help you understand how you can reduce the risk of rodent infestations. We understand how rodents think, we know where they hide, we understand how they live, and most importantly we know how to effectively get rid of them. We have years of rodent control experience and when you call us you are putting our years of experience to work for you. When you want the best in residential pest control, you need to call Pointe Pest Control.