The Top 5 Boxelder Bug FAQs

By September 19, 2018Misc/Other

Typically, people do not Google “Boxelder Bug FAQs” for fun. Unless you are an entomologist (a scientist who studies insects), you probably did not wake up thinking, “I think I will study box elder bugs today.” Most likely you got here because you opened your door today and were finally fed up with that annoying black and red beetle thing and all his buddies camping out on your porch, doors, windows and exterior of your home. You aren’t trying to learn more about box elder bugs because of your insatiable interest in insects, you are probably wanting to learn about them because the more you know about your enemy, the better you will be able to defeat them. We commend you for this! That is exactly the approach you should take when it comes to pest control. The more you know about the pest, the easier they are to get rid of and keep out of your home. We know you have a lot of questions about this insect, but here are the top 5 FAQs we get at Pointe Pest Control.

Box Elder Bugs

1-What ARE they??

Are boxelder bugs a type of beetle? An insect? Yes and yes. They are in the same family as the stink bug and release an odor when crushed. They are ½ inch long and with a black body and orange/reddish striped markings on their backs. The wings lay flat over their backs overlapping each other to form an X. When they are first born, they are bright red and about 1/16 inch. It isn’t until adulthood that they become extremely problematic and bothersome to homeowners however.

2-Will box elder bugs damage my trees and plants?

Boxelder bugs in their nymph stage are eating constantly. They suck the sap from box elder, maple and ash trees along with other plants but they aren’t known to significantly damage trees in small numbers but if you have a box elder bug infestation and they are sucking the life out of your landscaping, it is possible to cause injury to these trees and plants. In greater numbers, they can deform or discolor leaves and fruit.

3-Can box elder bugs cause damage to my home?

Boxelder bugs do not sting or bite but they can do some pretty annoying damage to your home. When large numbers of this insect are sitting on the exterior of your home during box elder bug season or if they get inside and are perched on your drapes, the excrement they leave can stain the outside of your home or textiles with a bright orange stain. In their adult stage, box elder bugs love warmth so the inside of your home or the sunny side of your house is the perfect spot. They will group together in bunches to stay warm and in these box elder bug piles, the amount of orange fecal spots can add up and leave an ugly blight on your walls, fabrics or exterior.

4-How can I get rid of box elder bugs?

If you find box elder bugs in or on your home, never squish them. This can also stain the surface they were killed on and that stain is virtually impossible to remove. If you find them inside, vacuuming them up is a good idea if they are inside. The smell they give off when they are threatened is unpleasant so you don’t want that in your home. Outside, spraying or sweeping off the exterior of your home is a good temporary fix, but they will be back. During box elder bug season, you need professional assistance to keep them away for good.

5-Is boxelder bug control effective?

Yes, Pointe Pest Control has extremely effective boxelder bug control. For the best “pest control near me,” you need your local box elder bug experts to help you. If you want box elder bug treatments to really work all year long, however, you need treatments done during all seasons. Just employing professional pest control during the fall when they are most annoying, will not help with the root of the problem. You need routine treatments and if you treat this insect correctly, it is possible to have a box elder bug free home.

Pointe Pest Control is happy to help you with all of your pest control needs. Stop fighting this problem alone and call us today!