Countdown to a Pest Free New Years

By December 30, 2016Misc/Other

Whether you are hanging out with family or partying the night away with friends, most people start the New Year with a few resolutions. Sometimes the resolutions stick, other times they only last until the next morning. The top New Year’s resolution for last year was losing weight, and it has been in the number one spot since 2014. In fact, more gym memberships are purchased in the month of January than any other month. For 2017, weight loss has dropped to second place. According to the Marist Poll, the top New Year’s resolution for this upcoming year is expected to be being a better person.

Pesky Problems

Another resolution that is often forgotten until there is a problem is pest control. Pointe Pest Control is dedicated to helping you meet your pest control goals. If you have a home that is free of an infestation, here is our countdown to helping you keep it that way.

10. Seal it up: If there is any space around your doors and windows seal it up. For your doors, make certain your weather stripping is in place. If your windows have gaps around the edges, you might want to invest in a bit of silicone caulk.

9. Check the Eaves: If there are gaps in the eaves of your home, your attic could become infested with birds, bats, rats or even raccoons. Fix any holes before they can become a problem.

8. Patch the Cracks: If your foundation has any holes or cracks, you are going to want to get it fixed. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. A rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter.

7. Inspect: If you have a crawl space, you are going to want to inspect it every once in a while. If you see any gaps where pipes or plumbing enter your home, seal them up. If you notice any mud tubes on your foundation you might have subterranean termites.

6. Dump the Water: Any standing water in your yard outside is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some species can go from egg to adult in as little as four days.

5. Keep it Clean: Pests like cockroaches and mice need food. They depend on spilled food ad crumbs. In order to reduce the effectiveness of an infestation, keep your floors and dishes clean. If you reduce the food supply, you reduce the chance of an infestation.

4. Deep Clean: Every once in a while, make certain to clean under your stove, refrigerator, and other places where food builds up.

3. Keep your Food Sealed: Cereal beetles and weevils infest grains. Keep the containers sealed tight.

2. Keep a Lid on it: Raccoons, rats and other pests increase in numbers when they can get food. Make certain the lids on your garbage cans tightly sealed.

1. Vacuum often: Keeping your home vacuumed will reduce spiders, and other insects.
Pointe Pest Control

If your home is already infested and you want the pest eliminated, you need to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We can help you with any pest eradication resolutions.