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The Top 5 Boxelder Bug FAQs

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Typically, people do not Google “Boxelder Bug FAQs” for fun. Unless you are an entomologist (a scientist who studies insects), you probably did not wake up thinking, “I think I will study box elder bugs today.” Most likely you got here because you opened your door today and were finally…

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Spiders Knocking at the Door

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Homeowners spend approximately 20.64 billion dollars each year on home security systems because the thought of a burglar or thief coming in and stealing the things you work so hard to earn or harming your family in any way is worth it. It is worth every penny so you can…

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If You Plant It They Will Leave

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You have probably heard that Brussels sprouts are one of the most hated vegetables in America. Other contenders for the spot of most hated vegetable are beets and broccoli. While you might be able to use some of these vegetables to repel irritating in-laws, have you ever wondered if there…

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