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termite season

Is It Termite Season?

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What time of year do termites generally appear? This is, perhaps, the wrong question to ask. While termites will only swarm at certain times of the year, those with an existing infestation, you can count on it being “termite season” all year long. This, sadly, is unrelated to the presence…

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Winter Pest Tips

Winter Pest Tips

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Most folks think that wintertime is time off from pest problems. If you’re talking about wasps, termites, and ants, you might be right. But bed bugs and rodents are a year-long problem and, in fact, can be a much bigger problem in the winter than they are in the summer….

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How To: Mouse Infestation Edition

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If you have mice in your home, there are generally three ways that they can enter. Those are through your attic, your basement. The first thing you’ll want to do is check around the foundation of your home, looking for small cracks or openings especially near windows, pipes, or other…

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close-up of group of brown ants sharing piece of brown sugar

Why Am I Still Seeing Ants?

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Ants have the potential to be an overwhelming problem for people living throughout the Northwest. There are hundreds of different species that can ruin camping adventures, picnics, and other types of outdoor events. In Idaho, Oregon, and the Washington State area, there are more than two dozen types of ants…

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