The Eight Legged, Fang Wielding Menace

By June 11, 2015Spiders


Spiders. The very word brings images to your mind of an eight legged, fang wielding menace. When spiders are outside, away from your home, they aren’t a big deal. Spiders are great for eating disease carrying insects like mosquitoes and flies. Unfortunately, there are some spiders that love to be in and around your home as much as you. Some, like the garden spider are not a threat and love to make their large spiral orb webs in your vegetable or rose garden. Others, like the Bold Jumper jumping spider can be fascinating to watch and might accidentally wander into your home. There are a few types of spiders, like the black widow that pack toxic poisons within their fangs. No matter what type of spider is invading your home, Pointe Pest Control can eliminate the eight legged threat.

The Problem Spiders

Black Widow
If you are rummaging around in your garage, crawl space, window well, shed or wood pile you need to be on the lookout. The black widow frequents all of these spaces. Though the widow is naturally shy, it will bite if it feels threatened. Their bites are poisonous, seek medical attention. If you put your hand in a glove, boot or shoe where a black widow has taken up residence, you will get bit. Black widows are easy to identify because of their inky black bodies and distinctive red hour glass on their abdomen. If you notice haphazard, messy webs you might want to be on the lookout. If you need to move wood, wear gloves. If you want black widow spider control, call Pointe Pest Control. Our technicians have years of experience with black widow elimination.

Black House Spider
If you notice a dark spider throughout your home that doesn’t have the telltale red hour glass, you have a different invader. The black house spider can be found outside, yet if their food travels into your home, they will follow. Black house spiders will bite if threatened. Though their venom is not as potent as the black widow, if you get bit the area around your bite will swell and cause localized pain. After being bit, some people experience nausea, vomiting and sweating. If you have the misfortune to meet the fangs of a black house spider, keep the spider and seek medical attention. Having the culprit spider in a bag or bottle will help the medical professionals know how to help you. If you are tired of swarms of black spiders in your home, a call to Pointe Pest Control will have your home spider free.

Hobo Spider
Another spider you don’t want to meet is the hobo spider. They can be found throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington. They are poor climbers and prefer to stay on ground level. Like the other spiders, the hobo spider will bite if it feels threatened. Once bitten, you can expect a blister and you may experience nausea, weakness and headaches. No matter what type of spider is causing you problems, a call to Pointe Pest Control is your best solution. Call us today.

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