Risky Bed Bug Introductions and Reintroductions

By March 18, 2016Bedbugs

Bedbug under your bed

Bed bugs are bad news. Infestations have reached record numbers in America. You can find them in hotels, motels, restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals, schools, your office, army barracks, and even public transportation. Although bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they are adept at hitchhiking. Each time you go to a place that has bed bugs, you risk bringing them home. Once inside your house, they will find where you sleep and hide close to your bed. If you have bed bugs and are getting bit every night, you aren’t worried about how you got them. Your biggest concern is how to get rid of them. The solution is simple; call the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

Bed Bug Treatment

Our technicians know where to look to find bed bugs. They have years of experience and a variety of treatment methods that can be utilized to help you eliminate bed bug infestations. One of our most effective bed bug control options is heat. That’s right, heat. Bed bugs thrive in normal temperatures, but when things get hot, they die. Before you run to crank up your thermostat, you should know that the amount of heat needed is more than your furnace can handle. Bed bugs and their eggs die around 113 degrees. We use special equipment to heat every room of your home well above that amount. We turn your whole home into a bed bug death trap. The nice thing about heat treatments is you do not need to clean up your home, the heat will move through mattresses and piles of clothing. Your home will bake until the bed bugs are well done.

Be Cautious of Reintroductions

Remember that bed bugs are expert hitchhikers. Anything you bring out of your home before treatment should be thoroughly inspected, especially if you are going to bring it back inside once the treatment is done. We had one instance where the homeowner wanted to save a plant. (The high temperatures we use will kill house plants.) The homeowner moved the plant outside to wait until the heat treatment was complete. Fortunately for the homeowner, one of our technicians notice a small bit of blood on the pot of the plant. When they moved the plant to inspect further, they noticed a bed bug under the lip of the plant pot. If we wouldn’t have noticed the bed bug, the house plant would have gone back into the home with a living bed bug. The infestation would have been reintroduced. The last thing you want is to have bed bugs return and begin biting you in your sleep. Anything you take out of your home needs to be inspected for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Control with Pointe Pest Control

When you want professional technicians dedicated to helping you, you need to call Pointe Pest Control. We have the most current methods in bed bug control and can eliminate infestations. Give us a call today.