The Spider Quiz

By April 26, 2016Spiders


You’re calmly relaxing at home when suddenly you hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from the next room, only to find your child panicking at the sight of a gigantic spider. This scenario could very well be replicated with your wife or yourself however since fear of spiders is one of the most common fears out there. But how can you know when you see these arachnids if they are dangerous or not? Can you recognize common types of household spiders versus the dangerous ones? This little quiz courtesy of Pointe Pest Control will help you recognize the names and appearance of these spiders and whether your girly squeal is valid.


This spider is a great hunter and has a keen sense of vision. They are known for their distinctive eye pattern. With 8 sets of eyes, their middle pair being drastically larger than the rest. These harmless spiders have a distinctive leap which gives them their name.
Answer: The jumping spider


These spiders are usually yellow or brown in color with their second pair of running legs being longer than the rest. Often they enter homes in search of prey or a mate. They do not spin webs and have a crab-like appearance. Though they seem scary looking, these spiders do not have large enough fangs to break the skin so they are safe.
Answer: The running crab spider


This spider is shy and hides away from humans. They are not known for their aggressive nature, however their bite is extremely poisonous. Humans are bit mostly by accidental contact with this spider such as slipping their foot into a shoe or a pair of pants where one is hiding. A single female can produce as many as 150 spiderlings per year making an infestation from one single spider very possible. Their bite usually forms a white blister at the wound site that eventually becomes hard. It is know for the “red, white and blue” colors seen at the bite.
Answer: The brown recluse


Known for its long, crooked legs, this spider appears infinitely more ominous than it actually is. It likes to hang out in dark, moist areas such as basements, under stairs, and in cellars where it is dimly lit. That is where its name comes after all.
Answer: The long bodied cellar spider


This spider is black with a very distinctive red hourglass shape on its underside. She is known to kill her mate once she has used him thus how she got her name. This spider is very poisonous and can be deadly if not treated immediately. At first the bite will only be identified by the two tiny fang marks but as the venom spreads, it creates a bull’s eye pattern on the skin. These spiders hide in boxes, dark corners and cluttered piles and can be very dangerous.
Answer: The black widow

These are just a few of the spiders commonly found in your home, some are dangerous, others are not. But for the sake of your family whether it be fear or safety reasons, you need a professional you can trust to make sure your home is spider free. Pointe Pest Control is happy to assist in this unpleasant task and has years of training to do so. Call us today!