When 6 to 8-Legged Guests Show Up at Your Dinner Table

By November 19, 2018Misc/Other

Thanksgiving Day is that wonderful time of year where you gather together with your family and friends to catch up, enjoy each other’s company and eat a fantastic meal celebrating what you’re thankful for. The Thanksgiving dinner meal is the epitome of comfort food. It is a symbol of American culture and the dishes served are a nostalgic piece of your life. That scrumptious scent of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and so much more conjures years of memories attached to these aromas. The very idea of someone suggesting to change the recipe or bring something other than your traditional favorites feels like an attack on the entire holiday itself. We all have our favorite pieces of Thanksgiving that could never be replaced, but in other parts of the world and even some places in the United States, what we consider as filth, others praise as dinner. What if you didn’t have your thoughts tuned to fall pest control this time of year and instead were trying to decide where and how you could EAT the insects roaming around your yard? Sound silly maybe? Maybe not…

Fried larvas on the thailand night market

Forget that roasted turkey

Turkey is the most famous protein at the Thanksgiving dinner table. But may we suggest a more progressive approach to the protein portion of the meal? Did you know that crickets have a comparable amount of protein per gram to beef or milk? Beef contains 26 grams of protein per 100 grams while crickets contain 21 grams of protein per 100 grams. If you pulled out a giant roaster with 30 pounds of crickets simmering in their juices rather than a plump, juicy turkey, you might experience a few shocked faces. It’s just a fact that Americans are not as accepting about insects for dinner as other parts of the world are. Countries like China, Ghana, Mexico and Thailand regularly serve up crickets as local street fare snacks and appetizers of a meal. They get pretty creative with flavorings and how they cook and serve them up. Spicy, cheesy or sweet—crickets could be a tasty part of your diet if you are brave enough to give them a try.

How about creepy, crawly appetizers?

The pre-Thanksgiving appetizers are often just as fun as the dinner itself. How about substituting your normal appetizer tray of skewered tarantulas? Eating gigantic, crunchy, fried spiders is quite a delicacy in parts of Asia and you would blow away your dinner guests with this exciting appetizer addition. It might surprise you but the global edible insect market is forecasted to grow to $1 billion by the year 2023, with a 218% increase in just the United States alone. Many groups around the world are especially interested in convincing the whole of civilization, especially those in Europe and North America, just how valuable insects can be to your diet.

Top it off with some insect dessert

It might seem abhorrent that insects could ever be in something as pleasing as a pie, but why not? A sweet bowl of chocolate covered ants, a pudding pie sprinkled with candied grubs or a tasty ginger cricket cookie could just become your new favorite treat. Why can’t your favorite Thanksgiving pies be filled with a generous portion of insects? While this may seem absurd to you, there may come a time in the future where we Americans may become more accepting of eating insects in our everyday diet.

Pointe Pest Control takes care of the uninvited insects

Until the day comes when you’re happily sweeping your ant infestation into your dinner time casserole, you need the help of Pointe Pest Control. Because no matter how accepting we become of insects in our lives, we still don’t want them having free range of our homes and that is because they cause a lot of problems and damage. Pest prevention is imperative since they can so quickly damage your home and possessions. Pointe Pest Control is your go-to for all your fall pest control needs. Call us today to keep the critters away this Thanksgiving holiday.