Ants Will Soon Be After Your Food

By April 7, 2015Ants

From the sandwich you eat for lunch to the ice cream you have for dessert, everything you enjoy eating is also a favorite food of ants. They march across your kitchen floor, finding crumbs too small for your broom to notice. They can climb up tables and cabinets. The sole purpose of an ant is to find enough food to feed thousands of hungry mouths. Many species love the same temperatures that make your home enjoyable. That means they will soon be after your food.


Destructive Denizens

Though most ants throughout Idaho, Washington and Oregon prefer to live outside, there are a few that would love to move in with you. One such species is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are sneaky. They prefer rotting wood in which to build their nests, yet their powerful mandibles can chew through sound lumber without difficulty. If any of the window sills around your home have water damage, your home could be on their radar. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, yet they build extensive tunnels and galleries to house their colony. Left unchecked, they can destroy the structural integrity of your home. The same can be said of velvety tree ants. They might not be termites, but the damage they cause is similar. Other ant species like the odorous house ant, pavement ant or the small honey ant might not ruin your home, they will however, eat your food.

Stop the Invasion

Bringing out the vacuum to eliminate lines of ants might give you satisfaction, yet the queen of the colony will simply replace the lost workers. When you want to stop ants permanently, you need to call Pointe Pest Control. We are serious about ant elimination. Our skilled technicians will identify the ant species and create a specific treatment plan that will stop the ant invasion. We can find and eliminate carpenter ants. We can eradicate odorous house ants. No matter what type of ant, we have the tools and knowledge to stop the problem. Protect your home and your sanity with Pointe Pest Control. When you want superior ant control, call us and schedule an inspection.

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