Let us wasp away your troubles in Salem!

Salem, Oregon is nicknamed “Cherry City” because of its strong agricultural influence and impact on the cherry growing industry. Those with any kind of fruit trees, cherry trees included, know that wasps love feasting on delicious, sweet fruit. This can pose quite a problem for you if you have any kind of fruit trees in your yard. Wasps love that sugary, ripe juice, especially once the fruit has fallen from the tree. Maintaining the ground around fruit trees will make wasps less likely to swarm but of course it won’t stop them altogether. A wasp infestation is possible if you have fruit trees nearby so calling your experienced pest control technician to keep your yard wasp free.


Protect your home and family

Unlike honey bees who can only sting once and then they die, a wasp can sting you over and over again if it feels threatened. When a wasp stings you, it releases pheromones that alert other wasps close by and soon you could have a stinging swarm on your hands. When you let your children into the backyard, you want that peace of mind that they will be safe and protected. Once they come in crying from an unfortunate encounter with a wasp, suddenly you’re on the alert. Where do wasps build their nests? Mostly they build them in areas where they can be sheltered, such as under the eaves of your roof, in trees, in sheds and even in hollow playground equipment or barbecue grills. As spring approaches, be wary and watchful of places they are beginning to nest.

Schedule routine inspections

Pointe Pest Control offers routine pest inspections where we look for common infestation sites around your home. If you are suspicious of a wasp infestations, our technicians know where to look. We will spot their nests and take care of them quickly and safely for you so you can rest at ease when you or your loved ones spend time in the yard. Cherry or fruit picking during the warmer months of the year should not be an anxiety ridden ordeal. We will take care of the wasp problem and eliminate all your pest worries. Our treatments are effective and safe for your family and the environment. Call us today, we look forward to serving you!

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