Boxelder Bugs on the Move

By September 14, 2016Misc/Other


As it gets colder outside, you may notice an increase of a certain black and red or orange beetle. Yes, the boxelder bug. They are about ½ an inch long with distinctive markings, including 3 orange stripes on their abdomen. These insects absolutely detest the cold. Your home provides that warmth and shelter they need from the frigid fall and winter temps looming around the corner. They are looking for a cozy spot to overwinter and the nooks and crannies in your home are just right. Typically they move in groups, trying to find spaces in cracks in your home, roof, attic or basement. When you find boxelder bugs milling around your home, it’s time to get professional pest control as these insects are doing their best to make it before snowfall. It’s time to get your guard up!

Are boxelder bugs dangerous?

On the whole, boxelder bugs are harmless. They are mostly nuisance insects. However, this does not mean they are incapable of biting. Boxelder bugs can puncture the skin and cause irritation, but boxelder bites are very uncommon since they don’t care to bite humans. The greatest danger will be to your mental health because as they conglomerate all over your home, windows and porch, you might just go crazy.

Can boxelder bugs cause damage?

The primary objective of these insects is to leach the warmth from your home. While they are waiting out the winter, they do not eat anything so it is highly unlikely you will find them snacking in your kitchen. The most common form of damage from boxelder bugs is the stains they leave behind from their excrement. It can stain the outside of your home, leaving an ugly blight on your exterior. In great numbers, they can cause an unpleasant odor as well.

How can you prevent them from coming inside?

They are basically in hibernation, waiting for spring when they can lay their eggs in box elder, maple and ash trees. As spring comes, they may get trapped in your home and wander around looking for a way out. It’s important as they start looking for a way inside your house, that you do your best to seal any cracks and crevices in the exterior, sealing doors and windows and repairing loose siding. You can spray them off the sides of your home with a hose but this only deters them for a short time.

Professional pest control is your best option

To reduce the headache of boxelder bugs this fall, call Pointe Pest Control for help. Our boxelder bug control is efficient and will not only reduce their numbers around the outside of your home, but remove any that have made their way inside. Our technicians will inspect your home thoroughly to make sure everything is sealed tight. Don’t stress about these frustrating insects any longer, call us today.