Spiders in Oregon

By September 30, 2016Spiders

Oregon is full of a variety of exciting and beautiful landscapes, lively cities, charming neighborhoods and a long list of entertainment. But for all Oregon’s grand and glorious attributes, one thing that cannot be changed is the presence of spiders. Like nearly every country on this planet, save Antarctica alone, spiders exist and sadly Oregon is no different. While spiders are important to the life cycle of nature and essential to the environment, you just do not want them in your home. Period.


The most common spiders in Oregon

Many people see spiders and instantly feel in danger. The reason is that many spiders bite and whether these bites are poisonous or not, the nasty welt resulting is not fun. It is important to familiarize yourself with the most common spiders in Oregon so you will know if they are dangerous or not.

Non poisonous spiders you might encounter:

  • House spider: Like their name suggests, you will find these spiders in your home. Typically they hide in dark corners, closets, sheds and attics. They are mostly harmless but their long, crooked legs make them quite a terrifying sight.
  • Orb weaver: These spiders weave the classic, wheel-like webs and though they look ominous, they are harmless.
  • Garden spider: Characterized by their X shaped legs, these spiders might be found in your vegetable or flower garden.
  • Wolf spider: These spiders commonly infest homes in Oregon. While their bite won’t kill you, it is incredibly painful. These bites swell and ooze, sometimes becoming necrotic. If bitten by a wolf spider, watch it carefully, even seeking medical attention if it is not healing properly. They do not bite unless provoked, but if your home is infested by them, a bite may be inevitable.

Poisonous spiders to be wary of:

  • Black widow spider: As one of the most well known spiders, a bite from this arachnid needs immediate medical attention. The are known to infest and attack when threatened.
  • Yellow sac spider: A bite from this spider results in a painful, blistering rash with severe symptoms such as muscle cramps, nausea, fever and more.
  • Hobo spider: Though there is quite a debate on the dangerousness of hobo spiders, one thing is clear and that is the bite is still painful and harmful. Rotting tissue around the bite is possible and should be observed carefully.

Guaranteed spider control you can trust

Pointe Pest Control’s Oregon spider control will give you peace of mind. You will no longer fear your attics, basements or dark corners since spiders will be scarce. One of the most important aspects of spider control however, is year round treatments. This ensures that egg sacs will not hatch in the spring and any spiders that may try and sneak in will be caught before they populate. Call us today for all your Oregon spider and pest control needs.