FAQs and Facts About Earwigs

By July 27, 2016Misc/Other


Earwigs are one of the creepiest looking insects on the planet. This is a commonly shared opinion and that is reflected by the numerous sci-fi movies or TV shows where either the monster is patterned after an earwig or earwigs were the actual monster, eating people’s brains. Let’s quickly debunk this myth, earwigs do not eat people’s brains. Earwigs mostly look scarier than they actually are. However, they are known to infest homes and be quite a nuisance. Here are a few of your Frequently Asked Questions about earwigs:

Where do earwigs live?

Earwigs like to hide during the day in moist, dark places. Outside, you might find them under wet leaves, logs, lawn clippings and bark. Inside, they like your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Why? Because they love moisture!

What do earwigs eat?

The diet of an earwig includes things like leaves, fruit, flowers, mold and even other insects. They are not fussy eaters and will eat a number of things, dead or alive.

How did earwigs get their name?

Earwigs get their name from the myth that they will crawl in your ear to lay their eggs while you sleep at night. In the rare/almost never instance where an earwig has even entered someone’s ear, it wasn’t to lay eggs either. Earwigs like dark and moist spaces and your ear isn’t exactly their favorite spot so you can lay that fear to rest too.

Are earwigs dangerous?

On the whole, earwigs are harmless. They have a set of forceps or pincers which they use to catch their prey, but beware, if you pick up an earwig or sit close to one that feels threatened, they may pinch you. It hurts but earwig bites are not life threatening. Their bites are not infectious but they do sting. It’s not a pleasant experience to be pinched by an earwig so removing them from your house should be a top priority if they have managed to sneak in.

How do earwigs get around?

These insects do not fly, but can scurry pretty quickly away from predators or detection. They are also great hitchhikers and will grab onto a host as a method of quick transportation. If you are wondering how earwigs made it into your home, they could have hitched a ride on a pet, fresh cut flowers, newspapers or grocery store fruit. They are creative travelers.

Where are the most common earwig infestations?

Earwigs typically do not reproduce indoors so finding an infestation in your house isn’t very likely. However, if you are finding a great number of earwigs in your home, chances are you have an infestation outside and these earwigs are finding ways into your home. Locating the outside problem is the first step to getting rid of earwigs.

How can professional pest control help me?

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