What to do When Your Home is Invaded with Box Elder Bugs

By August 29, 2017Misc/Other

Fall is a beautiful time in Idaho. The leaves begin to change, the early morning air is crisp and farmers’ fields are ready for harvest. Fall is also a time for pest infestations. Fall and early winter is the time when you are most likely to get an infestation of Box Elder Bugs in your home. Now if there is only one or two, you probably aren’t worried, but if you find hundreds, you are definitely going to want them gone. Pointe Pest Control wants you to be able to enjoy your home without the threat of a box elder bug invasion. Here is everything you need to know about box elder bugs.

What is a Box Elder Bug?

In shape they are an elongated oval. Box Elder bugs are black to dark grey, with lines of red on the wings. They have a needlelike mouth called a proboscis, which they use to puncture your favorite fruit and trees so they can drink the juices. Box elder bugs love box elder trees, but they can be found eating your maple, ash, plum, cherry, apple, and peach trees. Box elder bugs will even attack your strawberries, grapes and even the grass in your lawn. They don’t cause much damage. In large numbers they can cause your fruit to have scarring. The biggest problem with box elder bugs is when they invade your home. That is when they become a huge nuisance.

The Box Elder Bug Nuisance

Adult box elder bugs are looking for a warm place to congregate and overwinter. You will begin to notice them congregating in large numbers on the southern facing side of your home. Box Elder bugs have flat bodies and can squeeze through tiny gaps around your doors or windows. They can even get into your attic and then find a way to get into the rest of your home from there. Sometimes people decide to use a vacuum to eradicate them, but you need to be careful. If they are disturbed, box elder bugs can emit a foul chemical, and this chemical can stain your carpet, and other upholstery. If you decide to use your vacuum, use the wand to suck them up.

How to Eradicate Box Elder Bugs

One of the best things you can to do control a box elder bug infestation is to prevent them from getting inside your home. Since box elder bugs like to congregate on the sunny side of your home (usually the southern or western facing side) that is where you will want to spend your time investigating. First off, take a close look at your windows. If they do not shut tightly, add in some weather stripping. If the area around your windows has gaps, it is time to grab some caulk. Silicone caulk works wonders on anything outside. While you have the caulk out, you might want to look for any other gaps. If you have electrical conduit, gas lines, or cable lines running into your home, make certain that you don’t have any gaps around the entry points. If you notice a gap, seal it. The walls of your home are your first defense against a box elder bug invasion. Keep your walls sealed tight. Next check the vents that lead into your attic. On the underside of your eaves, you will notice small vents. Behind the vents there should be a screen. If the screen is damaged or missing, replace it. Otherwise you will get more box elder bugs into your home.

Pointe Pest Control in Idaho

Sometimes even though you have sealed up your home, you will still find hundreds of box elder bugs in your home. Before you give up hope, all you need to do is contact Pointe Pest Control. Our technicians know the business of pest eradication. We have been helping people in Idaho with their pest problems for a long time. When you give us a call, you are putting our years of experience to work for you. Our certified technicians understand the methods of box elder bug control. We use a variety of treatment methods to keep the box elder bugs out of your home. We can help you identify how they are getting into your home and recommend real solutions. No one wants to share their home with creepy insects or pests. When you want friendly technicians that put the safety of you and your family first, you need Pointe Pest Control.