Keep Rodents Under Control

By February 4, 2015Rodents

Of all the nasty critters that can infest your home, there are few things that can match the destructive powers of rodents. You might not be aware that your home is under attack until you are standing on a chair screaming, looking for the nearest broom, or insulting your lazy cat for not doing its job. If you are tired of seeing balls of fur scamper through your home, there is a solution. Pointe Pest Control is your professional answer to any rodent infestation.


The Risk of Rodents

Mice chew into your furniture for nesting material and get into your food. When rodents find a food source, they defecate and urinate to mark it as their own. Your cereal will soon be swimming with little brown bits of feces. Rats take destruction to a new level. If rats get into your attic, they damage the insulation that keeps your home comfortable. They love chewing on electric wiring and your attic has a lot of wires. The electricity can arc across the damaged section and kill the rat. You might celebrate, until the resulting spark starts your house on fire. A pesky rodent can burn your house down.

When rodents invade, your home is in danger and so is your health. Mice and rats transmit nearly 30 diseases that can make you sick. Hantavirus, Tularemia, and Salmonellosis are just a few of the life threatening diseases you never want to contract. Protect your home and health, call Pointe Pest Control.

Pointe Pest Control

If you are finding gnaw marks throughout your home and trails of rodent feces along your baseboards, you have rodents. Pointe Pest Control can help. When it comes to rodent elimination, our professional technicians have years of experience. We arrive to your home and complete a detailed walkthrough. We identify rodent hot spots and nesting areas. Our technician will eliminate the problem and work to keep those pests from coming back.

We do a perimeter search around your home and look for potential entry sites. If there is a crack or gap in your home that is the size of a quarter, rats can squeeze inside. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. We will identify the entry points and seal them. With Pointe Pest Control, your home will soon be rodent free. Protect your home and health, call us today.

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