Bothersome Bed Bugs

By February 18, 2015Bedbugs

When you think of bed bugs, you might experience shivers of distaste. The image of dirty homes and seedy motels might come into your mind. That might have been true decades ago, yet bed bugs are not attracted to filth. You can find them in five star hotels and homes clean enough to make you mother blush. For a bed bug inside your home, there is one item on the menu and it is you.

You won’t have to worry about disease transmission, yet you could begin to suffer from serious bouts of insomnia. The idea of hundreds of six legged insects feeding on you each night is enough to make anyone hate going to bed.

Beg Bug finding Host

5 Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

    1. Bite marks. You may never see a bed bug. They come out at night while you sleep, numb your skin and bite. Your blood is their favorite meal. Since they hide during the day, one of the best ways to identify bed bugs is by looking for their bites. Bed bugs bite in areas of exposed skin. If you wear a t-shirt to bed, they will target your arms and head. When bed bugs feed, they find a spot, insert their needle like proboscis and move in a linear fashion. You will have a line of bite marks.

    2. Blood Spots. Even if you have bites, bed bugs might not be the problem. There are a lot of insects that leave similar bites. Still, bites are one of the best ways of initial identification. If bites are present, you will need to look deeper. Pull back your sheets and perform a close examination. Look for reddish brown spots. When bed bugs feed they defecate. You will find marks in your sheets and on your sleeping attire.

    3. Insect Husks. Get down on your knees and look around the edges of your bed, nightstands and bedroom furniture. If you see tiny insect skins, that is another step toward confirmation.

    4. Sick Smell. This one is more difficult to identify. If you have a good nose, it will help. In order to attract a mate, bed bugs emit a musky odor. Some people described this as the pungent smell of rotten berries. Do not rely on smell alone, the other signs are your best tools.

    5. Behold the bed bug. They like to hide, yet you can find them. If you have found three of the above signs, take a close look at the dark areas in your room. Get a flashlight. Pull out your nightstand drawers and look in the upper corners. Lift your box springs and look around the edges. If you see eggs and little seed shaped insects, that is your final confirmation; you have bed bugs.

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