The Eight Legged Menace

By March 6, 2015Spiders

They creep, they crawl and they bite. You love your home because it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Those are the very reasons that spiders love your home too. Some spiders enjoy dark damp areas and can be found in your basement or crawl space. Others prefer dry areas and make a home in your heat vents, under your cupboards or behind electrical outlets. Though not all spiders are poisonous, all of them can bite if you disturb them.


Don’t mess with these spiders

If spiders stayed away from people, they wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the areas in and around your home gives them a perfect place to find an insect dinner. There are several spiders that are more dangerous than your common garden spider. Black widows are a real threat. Though they are shy and would prefer to run rather than fight, if you accidentally slip a foot into a boot that houses a black widow, your toes will get bit. The same goes for your children’s toys in the yard. Unlike the black widow, the black house spider won’t send you to the hospital. The venom from their bites can cause severe nausea. A bite from a black mouse spider is painful and can cause severe illness. A black mouse spider could send you to the hospital.

Take your home back from the spider

No matter what type of spider you have roaming around in your garage, yard, or home, we have a solution. When you call Pointe pest Control you get a technician dedicated to your safety and the eradication of your spider threat. Each spider has a specific treatment. Our technicians will identify the spider and create a treatment plan that will work for you and your family. All our technicians are certified pest eradication specialists. We know how to eliminate bad bugs. We treat your home, sheds, garage, yard and even your wood pile. With Pointe Pest Control, you get a holistic treatment plan that will control any eight legged menace. We can also create a barrier that will keep spiders at bay. When you want professional, courteous and knowledgeable spider elimination, you need to call Pointe pest Control. Call us today and we will help you win the war against spiders.

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