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The Spreading of Bedbugs Continues

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The mere thought of having bed bugs in your home or place of business is enough to send property owners into a panic. Unfortunately, the odds of coming into contact with these pests is extremely high. Bed bugs spread easily and are infesting at alarming rates in the Northwest and across…

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Signs of Termites

Six Signs You May Have Termites

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Termite control experts are trained to look for signs that indicate the presence of termites. But you can do the same. A termite infestation is pretty hard to miss. Ideally, you would catch the activity before they could do serious damage to your home. How can you catch the problem…

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Scholarship Awards

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Pointe Pest Control is always eager to get involved in our communities. Helping students financially is a way for us to lend a hand in the areas that we service. We created our scholarship with the greater goal of bettering the towns where our applicants live. We asked students to…

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Do Earwigs Bite & Pinch?

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Earwigs are a common pest found in homes and gardens throughout the Pacific Northwest. While not a native species, they travel easily through products and materials that are shipped from other areas. The name conjures up unpleasant images of small insects that enter your ears or other areas of the…

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