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Prevent Infestations with
The Dalles Pest Control Experts

Pest control is an issue all over the country. While Oregonians may feel as though they face fewer problems than most due to the cooler and arid climate, the truth is that there is no getting around pest control problems. Pest control affects both residential and commercial properties. It causes millions of dollars in damage each year, an untold number of allergy issues, and reduces the quality of life for those trying to enjoy their homes.

Pointe Pest Control helps solve these problems for Oregonians. Each year, we identify the kinds of problems residential and commercial owners are having, come up with a plan of attack to eradicate the infestation, and then make recommendations on how to prevent it in the future.

Pointe Pest Control 106 East Fourth Street, #3 The Dalles OR, 97058 (541) 298-0373If you’re having a pest control problem, please feel free to give us a call at (541) 298-0373 or contact us online. We’ll discuss the issues that you’re having and devise a method to solve it for good.

Bed Bug Problems in The Dalles, OR

Bed bugs are pretty gross. That doesn’t mean that those that have bed bug problems are necessarily unsanitary. The fact is, even as skilled technicians, we can track them into our own homes simply by dealing with them so often. In other words, bed bug infestations spread easily. For that reason, they’ve become just as much of a problem for commercial properties as they have for residential ones.

Bed bugs can infest hotels, office buildings, movie theaters, and more. Some even travel with folks on public transportation. In other words, it’s very easy to get a bed bug problem.

Point Pest Control employs a number of methods for identifying potential hotspots. This includes the use of K9 units. We also employ a number of strategies that are effective under certain circumstances. In some cases, it will make sense for us to turn up the heat high enough to eradicate the bed bug infestation. In other instances, we will use chemical sprays.

Once the problem is eradicated we will help you come up with a prevention plan for limiting potential infestations in the future.

Termite Problems

When most people think of termites, they think of wood. Termites can eat just about anything, though. This includes plaster and, more importantly, the foundation of your home. When there is a termite infestation, chances are it began there. If you have a termite problem, chances are there is a crack in your foundation somewhere. Our technicians can help eradicate the termite problem and shore up the entryways in your foundation that are making it vulnerable to termites.

Rodent Problems. Local Pest Control Solutions

Rodents are gross, carry disease, and are unsanitary. In addition, they can cause serious damage to your home by chewing through the wood or getting into the walls. The pest control technicians at Pointe Pest Control understand not only how to stop the problem after it has occurred, but to prevent it from happening again.


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Ant Problems

Carpenter ants love to build but they have no respect for your property. They will make additions to their living spaces from wood they stolen from you. They accomplish this by building tunnels from their nest into your home. These tunnels in and of themselves can cause serious damage. Our technicians will help rid you of your ant problem and ensure that you don’t make a good target for carpenter ants.

Need Spider Control in The Dalles?

Most spiders aren’t that big of a deal and will actually help keep other invasive insects in check. On the other hand, if they’ve set up shop in your home, it’s likely because those invasive insects are in fine supply. In addition, there are two deadly spiders that are common to the Oregon area. These include the black widow and the hobo spider. Our technicians can help you solve your spider problems.

Keep Wasp Infestations Away

Wasps make a home of your deck or shed and scare off visitors from your backyard barbecues. In addition, they pose a threat to yourself and your children. Our skilled technicians will remove the wasps’ nest safely and ensure that you spend your summer enjoying your time out back.

Reach Out to Us for Local Pest Control

The pest control technicians at Pointe Pest Control have successfully helped both residential and commercial property owners solve their pest control problems efficiently and completely. If you’re having a pest control issue that you need solved, give us a call or contact us online.