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Have you ever thought about
selling your business?

At Pointe Pest Control we are committed to our customers and the service we provide. Our team members are dedicated to our core values which include: professionalism, service, quality, integrity, and excellence. With over 70+ years of combined management experience on our team, you can be confident your business is in the right hands.

Our company is interested in meeting with other Pest & Termite business owners that have an interest in selling their business at some point. Even if it is years down the road, we can provide information and insight to help you maximize the most value out of your business prior to sale. We would encourage you to give us a call, whether you simply have questions about the sales process or if you have an interest in learning more about your options with Pointe Pest Control. All calls are confidential and we will provide a confidentiality agreement (if you wish) to make sure you are at ease during the inquiry.

Any individual or company that joins our team, will be given great care before, during, and after the business acquisition. Pointe Pest Control will work directly with you to meet all your expectations. Over the past 10 years we have successfully completed the acquisition of six companies.  Below are are few testimonials from some of those business owners that have joined our team. We are proud of the relationships we have built and take pride in every facet of our acquisition process.

If you have ever contemplated selling your pest control or termite company, please consider Pointe Pest Control.  We can assure you we have a full understanding of the sensitivity involved in this type of discussion and we know we can provide you with this insight that will prove valuable regardless of the outcome of  your decision.

Business Owner Testimonial

EnviroPro Pest Solutions Professionals – Spokane, Washington

Prior to any discussion of the sale of my business, Jacob Borg, owner of Pointe Pest Control and I had a number of very positive interactions. We were both members of some of the same professional development organizations as well as periodically running into one another in the field. We became good acquaintances before we ever talked about an acquisition. It was this foundation that established trust and confidence in Jacob personally, and with the quality team that he had been organizing at Pointe Pest Control.

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Timberland Pest Control – Spokane, Washington

In the winter of 2008 I had the opportunity to meet Jacob Borg and become familiar with his company, Pointe Pest Control. I hadbeen in business for 3 years with my own company, Timberland Pest Control in Spokane Valley. In addition, I had previously worked for Terminix and decided to branch out and start my own company. Jacob and I would pass each other on the street and wave and occasionally stop and chat about the industry, the area, and our families. I quickly learned that Jacob’s experience in the industry was extensive and that he was very accomplished at building a strong business.

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Ron’s Pest Control – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

I met Jacob Borg at Pointe when we were both competing for the same Carpenter Ant Job. He was just getting his business started and I had been doing Pest Control for the better part of my life. I was almost 60 years old and my dad who lived in Texas was ill. I contacted Jacob about his interest in purchasing my business and we met a number of times over a two to three week period.

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Family 1st Pest Control – Spokane Valley, Washington

I have been involved in pest control for over 5 years now. I have done everything from selling door-to-door, servicing homes, and owning my own business. I will tell you that Pointe Pest Control is a professional class act. I sold my business to Pointe in November of 2013 after much praying and deliberating. It was a very difficult decision for me obviously. But the transition was amazing. I was even asked by a customer I was in the middle of servicing “So I get a more thorough service then before? I don’t have to pay any extra do I?” He was very pleased with the Pointe Pest Control Service.

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Our technicians are trained problem-solvers that can give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us for an open & honest assessment of your home or business with no extra services, hidden fees, or pressure. Once you decide we are the pest control company for you, we get to work. It’s that easy. Our Guarantee and commitment will ensure your satisfaction.