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Longview Termite Control: Get Pointe
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Longview sits in the shadow of Mount St. Helen and is one of the most populated areas in Cowlitz County. While the area appeals to residents and business owners alike, it also attracts pests. Termites are a common problem and can cause a devastating amount of damage. To protect your property, get Pointe Pest Control on your side. With decades’ worth of experience, our Longview termite control experts eliminate termites and prevent these pests from causing further damage.  

Identifying Termites In Longview

Termites are one of the most common and destructive types of household pests in Longview. They feed on wood and can quickly destroy floors, walls, support beams, and other important structures in your home. Among the most common types of termites in Longview are subterranean termites, which live underground and get into your home through cracks or gaps in your foundation. A typical colony can number in the tens of thousands and can cause more damage than fires, floods, and heavy rain combined. 

One of the most common questions clients have at Pointe Pest Control concerns how to identify termites in their homes: 

  • Subterranean termites can range from half an inch to an inch long. 
  • Reproductive subterranean termites, which are responsible for populating the colony, often resemble flying ants and are either brown or black in color with clear wings. 
  • Worker and soldier termites, who are responsible for carrying food and building materials into the colony are typically white or offwhite in color. 

Spotting either is generally difficult unless you know where to look for them. By the time termites actually become visible in your home, you most likely have an infestation. The best way to prevent this is to have our Longview termite control experts conduct a thorough inspection. 

What Happens During A Termite Inspection?

Termites in Longview are excellent at hiding. They frequently inhabit small spaces that are not only difficult to see but are also hard to get to. At Pointe Pest Control, our Longview termite control team has extensive experience in locating colonies and knows exactly where to look. A typical inspection often involves surveying the outside of your home, looking closely at the foundation, and at areas behind walls or under floorboards. Common signs of a termite problem typically include: 

  • Small mud tubes, which termites build and live in;
  • Holes in wood and hollow areas, which often serve as tunnels for termites;
  • Wood that crumbles and disintegrated when prodded, a sure sign of termite damage;
  • Droppings, which is a fine dust that has a salt and pepper appearance;
  • Areas of drywall that are discolored, deteriorated, or otherwise damaged;
  • Peeling and chipped paint due to termite activity;
  • Warped and buckling floorboards. 

During a home inspection, our Longview termite control experts can point out areas of damage and develop a plan of action to eliminate the infestation. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Termites In Missoula? 

If you suspect a termite problem, you may be tempted to try a do-it-yourself, over-the-counter remedy instead of calling in the professionals. Be aware that these types of products typically contain harmful chemicals that can harm you, your children, your pets, and wildlife. They also have a dismal success rate in terms of actually getting rid of a termite infestation in Longview. 

At Pointe Pest Control, we rely on professional-grade pest elimination methods that are safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective. This often includes placing baits in inconspicuous areas throughout your home. These contain an insecticide, which the termites then carry back to the colony. Our Longview termite control experts will carefully install and monitor these baits, checking and replacing them as needed until your term problem is completely eliminated. 

You Have Our Guarantee

Pointe Pest Control offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This provides you with the assurance that your termite problem will be eliminated completely and that any special issues or concerns you have will be properly addressed. As trusted professionals in the community, our Longview termite control experts provide all of our customers with the following: 

  • Fast, friendly service;
  • A quick response to your call;
  • A thorough inspection of your property;
  • An individualized treatment plan;
  • Ongoing support to prevent future infestations. 
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