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Longview Wasp Control Can Help with Infestations Inside and Out

When people think of wasp infestations, their thoughts typically turn to the outdoors. Unfortunately, wasps can also make their way inside, particularly when the winter months hit and the queens of colonies need to find a place to survive the cold weather. Regardless of whether a wasp infestation is inside or out, it is essential that you are able to detect it quickly so you can get rid of it. Handling a wasp infestation on your own could be quite dangerous. It is always advised that you contact a Longview wasp control company that can help.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation Outside of the Home

You may see the odd wasp flying around your yard every now and again, but that does not necessarily mean that you have an infestation. The main signs of an outdoor infestation include:

    • Many wasps: While it is true that one or two wasps is not enough to indicate a serious problem, seeing many wasps in your home could indicate an infestation. If you see many flying insects, first try to determine if what you are seeing are in fact wasps. Wasps have long slender bodies that are pinched at the waist, similar to an hourglass. If you see the wasps in the same area, it could indicate that they are moving back and forth from a nest on your property.
    • Chewed wood: Wasps will often chew wood and then use it to build their nest, or they will tunnel through wood to use it as a hiding spot. If you see small holes around the exterior of your home, or tunnels, it is always best to contact a Longview wasp control company. A professional can tell you if you are dealing with wasps, or another type of insect.
    • Visible nests: Of course, seeing a nest on your property is always a sure sign of an infestation. Wasps are most likely to nest in enclosed porches, gutters, and other areas that are protected from wind, rain, and other inclement weather


While wasp infestations are most likely to occur outside the home, wasps can also cause a problem inside.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation Inside the Home

People do not often expect to have a wasp infestation inside of the home, but it can happen. Most often, an infestation inside the home will develop when wasps outside have found an entryway into your attic or other area of the home. Sometimes, a wasp may come in accidentally, either through an open door or an open window. When this is the case, they may find that your home makes for a great food source and provides the necessary shelter, so they may build a nest.

Other times, a queen may make her way inside to survive the winter before leaving the home in the spring. In these instances, it is unlikely that an infestation will develop and homeowners typically never even know the queen was inside. Still, when an infestation does develop inside the home, there are some telltale signs, which include:

  • Visible wasps: Again, one of the main signs of an infestation inside is the presence of several wasps. A stinging event is even more likely when wasps have infested an indoor area because wasps are more likely to feel threatened around the regular presence of people. A Longview pest control professional can track the movements of the wasps so they can locate and eliminate the nest.
  • Damaged walls: Just as wasps will chew through wood outside to build a nest, they will do the same to your walls inside. If you start finding small holes, cracks, or other damage to your walls, it could be a sign of a wasp infestation.
  • Damaged ceilings: Wasps continue to build their nests as their colonies grow and when the nests become larger in size, they also have the potential to become damp. If a wasp nest becomes damp, it can damage the ceiling and if the wasp nest is not found quickly, the entire ceiling may even cave in.
  • Sounds: Outside, you may only hear a wasp if it comes close enough to you. Inside though, you may be able to hear the telltale buzzing in your ceiling and walls when there are enough wasps in the colony.

Any time you notice any of these signs of an infestation, it is time to contact a Longview wasp control company.

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