Which Pests are the Biggest Problem During the Summer?


It is summer! We look forward to this beautiful, rejuvenating season all year. It means vacations, a break from school, outdoor play, and beautiful, bright sunshine for 3 months if we are lucky. But there is one drawback to summertime – pests. It is a fact that pests afflict homeowners all year long, but summer is when pests are in full “annoy and destroy” mode. It is a good idea to be alert and prepared for pest control in the summer so infestations do not take you by surprise.


“Shut the front door!” If you are a parent, you probably yell this phrase at least a dozen times in the summer. Why? Because children can often be forgetful. When the door is left open for even a second, it is like an army of flies is waiting on your doorstep to rush in. Once flies are inside, they buzz around your head until you go crazy. They also go straight for any food in the kitchen, or into a room of pungent smells (like the bathroom). Fly infestations are also possible if they get into your attic and breed. Once in your attic, this problem is here to stay throughout the seasons, and you need urgent fly control so you don’t go bonkers.


Mosquitoes are another bothersome pest, but this one carries a weighty consequence if not controlled immediately. Not only can they bite and cause the most exasperating welts, but these insects carry harmful diseases that can greatly affect the health of you and your loved ones. If you find high numbers of mosquitoes around your yard, summertime pest control is vital. Pointe Pest Control is here to control mosquito populations around your yard, effectively reducing their numbers so you can enjoy the great outdoors again.


Homeowners think spiders disappear in the winter but that is not exactly true. They are hiding, hibernating, or have an egg sac lying in wait for springtime. Summer is when you may see more spiders scurrying around your home. The mere sight of them is frightening, especially since many species are capable of biting humans. Combatting spider problems and infestations definitely requires year round pest control, but there is no better time to start than the summer.

Bees and Wasps

These are definitely insects that you notice during the summer. Wasps especially are a nuisance and can be dangerous around your home. They live to build their hive in areas where the wind and rain cannot reach them. These areas are usually attics, roof eaves, under porches, in sheds, or underground. Homeowners often see an increase of these stinging insects but have a hard time figuring out where their hive is located. Pointe Pest Control technicians are experienced at effectively scouting out their hives and safely removing them. You should always take great care around bee and wasp nests. Only let a professional tackle this.


Ants at a picnic are one of the biggest summertime cliches, but it is a reality of summer. Ants love food, and since there are ants on almost every inch of earth existing, it is difficult to be rid of them. Your home has everything they need for survival, and being so small, getting into your home is not that tricky. It may seem like an uphill battle when dealing with ants, but this does not need to be the case. Pest control in the summer encompasses all pests, ants included, and there is no better time to start routine pest inspections than today.

Don’t Let Summer Pests Ruin The Season

Pest infestations can quickly turn your summer into a nightmare. No one wants to live with pests, and you do not have to when you have Pointe Pest Control on your side. We have the most advanced techniques of ridding pests safely and quickly from your home. Call us today for the summertime pest control you can trust.