The Plants That Wasps Hate

Having wasps living in your yard means that every day you will be living with the threat of getting stung. Unlike bees, wasps can sting you multiple times. Their stingers do not fall off so they can and will sting you as much as they want. Wasp stings are painful. However, if anyone in your family suffers from allergies to wasp stings, then those stings can become life threatening. Have you ever wondered if there are plants that repel wasps which you can incorporate into your landscape? Here at Pointe Pest Control, we want you to have the information you need to keep your family safe from wasps. We work with you to provide residential pest control. If you are battling a wasp infestation, then we want to provide assistance.


The Plants

First off, there aren’t very many plants that repel wasps. Wormwood is one of the plants that wasps do not like. Wormwood has silvery green leaves and has a pale yellow flower and is easy to incorporate into any flower bed. Wormwood prefers dry soil and will need to be fertilized because it uses a lot of nitrogen. Other plants that might add a bit of wasp repellent include citronella, eucalyptus, and most plants from the mint family. These plants produce a lot of aromatics which are unpleasant for wasps as well as other insects. If you plant mint, you will get the added bonus of adding a bit of minty smell to your yard. Citronella is great because it helps reduce the number of mosquitoes too. Using these might add a bit of protection by making your yard less enjoyable for wasps.

The Pest Control Company that Wasps Hate

No matter how many plants that repel wasps you incorporate into your landscaping, you may still have a problem with wasps. If this occurs, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to help. When you need wasp control, we have the tools, equipment, certifications, and experience necessary to eradicate any wasp infestation. The problem with wasps is they build their nests up high on the eaves of your home. Since the repellent plants are down low in the soil, there is a chance that they will be unable to stop the wasps. That is where we come in; we can stop the wasps that have invaded your home. Our technicians understand how wasps think, and we know where they like to hide their nests. We can help create a no-fly zone in your yard that will keep the wasps from making a nuisance. We use the most current and scientifically proven methods in residential pest control. Because we care about the environment, we use products that are all natural. We avoid using harsh chemicals that degrade the environment, or that disrupt the ecosystem. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are getting wasp control that cares. We care about providing exceptional residential pest control, we care about the environment, and we care about the safety of you and your family. When you want to get serious about eliminating wasps, it is time to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. Wasp Control is what we do best. Give us a call to schedule a free inspection and consultation. We are Pointe Pest Control and we work to protect you from wasp infestations.