The beautiful weather of spring and summer is finally here. For many, these seasons are times for backyard barbecues, days at the beach, and more. However, while the sunshine draws people out of their homes, it also brings pests out of dormancy, and they are now ready to eat, mate, and thrive. This is a problem for many, as these pests can invade homes and in some cases, even take down the entire structure. To ensure you are ready for these pests, follow the tips below to keep them out and away from your home.


Understand what You are Dealing With

Different pests respond to treatments differently. Something that may work for ants may not work on termites, and a treatment for bed bugs may not work on other pests, such as cockroaches. The spring is a time of year when many of these pests start to congregate around homes and patios. Rats are in search of a mate at this time of year, while termites begin to swarm. Spring is also a time when the winter thaw is reaching its peak, and all that moisture is attractive to mosquitoes. It is important to identify what type of pest you are dealing with so you can use the appropriate treatments to get rid of them.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

The winter is often harsh in the North West and the extreme weather can do real damage to a home. Window panes may chip, the stone in the foundation or elsewhere may crack, and siding can become loose during a fierce winter storm. Pests large and small can sneak into a home using the smallest of these spaces, so it is important to fully examine the exterior of the home and make necessary repairs to ensure there are no access points for them.

Check the Inside of Your Home

After ensuring that the outside of your home is in good condition, it is time to look for pests inside the home. Silverfish love damp basements, while rats and raccoons love attic spaces that are easy to access from outside. As you are doing all of your spring cleaning, keep an eye out for pests, making sure that you check in spaces that are not visited frequently, such as crawl spaces.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Cleaning gutters, raking your yard and keeping your grass trimmed is about so much more than just giving your home some curb appeal. All of this debris makes for a great spot for mosquitoes to breed because they are filled with moisture. Also remove any standing or stagnant water, as these areas can breed thousands of mosquitoes. Damp wood and thick overgrowth should also be removed, as these can provide great nesting places for pests.

Be Mindful About Your Waste

Garbage cans and recycling bins outside are a huge draw for pests such as wasps. In the spring, pests are in desperate need of food and water, which trash and recycling bins provide. Always keep garbage cans tightly sealed, and move both the trash and recycling bins inside a garage or shed, if possible. 

Clean Up All Food Immediately

Pests make their way inside the home in the spring because they are looking for food. If you constantly have spills and food crumbs in your kitchen or other places around the home, pests are more likely to enter. Always clean food up right away, ensure the kitchen garbage also has a tight-fitting lid, and store food in airtight containers.

Keep Everything Else Clean, Too

It is not only food mess that draws pests inside your home. They are also looking for clutter and extra junk that makes a great place for them to make a home. Now is the time to conduct a full spring cleaning on your home, get rid of anything that you are no longer using, and keep things tidy at all times. By taking away the home of the pest, they will have to go elsewhere to find one.

Keep Firewood Away from the Home

Firewood is not just a winter necessity. Spring and summer is a fun time to have bonfires and to sit around barbecue pits, and firewood is definitely a must for those times, too. Although you may have to store firewood on your property, keep it at least 20 feet away from the home. Pests will eagerly make a home in firewood and when you bring it in your home, the pests will make their way inside, too.

Call a Local Pest Control Service

Sometimes you can follow all the tips above and pests still find a way into your home. When that is the case, call our pest control experts at Pointe Pest Control. We know how to properly identify the pests you are dealing with, and the treatments that will eradicate them and ensure they do not come back. When pests are taking over your home, call us at (866) 633-1573 or contact us online to request a free estimate.