The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, stars a group of three diverse characters, each with their own particular traits. The first is a handy with a weapon and rarely speaks. The second is pure evil, while the third is just as the title says… ugly. It might sound like a movie, yet these three critters aren’t found on the big screen. They are coming to a yard near you.

The Good
Able to use camouflage, the assassin bug is an efficient killer and maybe Clint Eastwood wouldn’t mind the comparison. Referred to as the Masked Hunter, the assassin bug is a predator of other insects. Nothing on six legs is safe. In order to strike its victims the hunter will cover itself with debris and vegetation and quietly wait. Its weapon of choice is a long needle like beak, used to puncture victims and suck their blood. Eastwood might mind the comparison.

Though any insect is on the menu, the masked hunter’s favorite meal is bed bugs. People begin to notice assassin bugs when they have a bed bug infestation. They will only bite humans if handled roughly or squeezed. The masked hunter can fly, so if one lands on you don’t panic and squat it off, just shake your arm until it leaves. Whether in your garden or in your home the assassin bug is on the prowl looking for its next victim.


The Bad
Disrupt a nest and thousands of angry black and yellow blurs will attack. Though often confused with bees, yellow jackets don’t lose their stinger and are beyond mean. They nest underground and don’t care if you accidently stepped across the opening. Armed with a rapid repeat stinger, and mouth parts hard enough to tear flesh, yellow jacket are bad. It takes little to make them angry, stare at one long enough you might run away screaming as it stings and bites.

Old rodent holes and sprinkler boxes are the more favored spots to build a nest. That doesn’t mean yellow jackets will only construct homes underground. Old furniture and couches left outside can soon have thousands of fat-bodied, angry flyers. Yellow jackets love sugary soda, meat and garbage. A nearby nest can ruin a picnic faster than a crazy aunt.

The Ugly
For those suffering from trypophobia, a male Giant Water Bug carrying a brood of hatching eggs on his back is screaming ugly. Nicknamed toe-biters; Giant Water Bugs have massive front pincers. If disturbed by a swimmer or a toe they will bite. Though not toxic to humans, Giant Water Bug bites are considered to be some of the most painful. Sometimes instead of biting, a Giant Water Bug will pretend to be dead. It will even leak foul smelling goo from its anus to further fortify its ugliness.

Though some insects can be good, the professionals at Pointe Pest control can help you get rid of the bad. Whether the problem is bed bugs or yellow jackets we have the solution. Our technicians are trained with the knowledge necessary to eradicate ugly infestations.

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