5 Amazing Spider Facts

By June 27, 2017Spiders

Spiders are one of the most feared creatures of all time. If you keep the spider exterminator programmed in your “favorite contacts” in your phone, you are among the 40% of Americans with arachnophobia. But for all the fear people have of spiders, they are pretty cool. Since the 1960’s, children and adults alike have had a fascination with the fictional story of a boy who acquired “spider senses” and abilities. This super hero dons a spandex spider suit and is able to heroically save the day, stop crime and rescue people in distress. So though spiders may be one of the most feared creatures, we don’t seem to mind this spidery super hero. Halloween is another example where spiders become “cute” and these eight legged arachnids actually decorate our home. Real spiders may be formidable, but in addition to these cool spiders in our lives, spiders not only play a vital role in the environment but they are also pretty amazing.


1-Spiders eat pests

Though we do not want spiders inside our homes, they are quite beneficial at keeping the pest population under control. Their diet consists of roaches, flies, earwigs, mosquitoes and moths. Without their help, these pesky insects could become so numerous that our world would be a pretty miserable place.

2-Spiders help our crops

It might not appear so but without spiders, our world would face famine. Our delicate ecosystem needs these eight legged “friends” because they eat all the insects that eat our crops. Without their help, our crops would be consumed by these ferocious, destructive pests. Farmers love spiders, who are the primary controllers of the crop killing insects. One spider can eat 2,000 pests in its lifetime. That is some darn, good pesticide free pest control there.

3-Spiders slow or prevent the spread of diseases

Though an indirect cause, because spiders consume disease spreading pests, they can take credit for preventing the rampant spread of diseases these pests carry. Since spiders are integral in consuming disease carrying pests such as ticks, fleas and roaches, they actually slow the spread of the diseases these insects carry.

4-Spider venom is used in some medicines

Researchers and scientists are finding new and revolutionary ways to relieve ailments, fight disease or improve the quality of life with new medicine, some of which includes spider venom. New breakthroughs in science are discovering that though some types of spider venom has the potential to breakdown and impair the nervous system, it can also be used to treat chronic pain, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and even stop the spread of cancer. Of course, all this research is still in the beginning stages but there could be miraculous developments on the horizon when it comes to spider venom assisting in healing.

5-Spiders are symbols of good luck

You might not consider it your lucky day if a spider makes itself known in your house, but across the world, spiders are actually symbols of luck and fortune in other cultures. In ancient Chinese culture, if a spider dropped down from the ceiling in front of you, it was believed to be a lucky event, as if they were dropping down from heaven itself. Their name in Chinese actually means “happy insect.”

Appreciate, not tolerate

Just because we appreciate the spider’s contribution to our ecosystem does not mean we should tolerate their presence in our homes. Your Pointe Pest Control spider exterminator is skilled at protecting the beneficial spiders outside your home while still removing and preventing spider infestations inside your home. That is the mark of a good spider exterminator and pest control technician. Removing and ridding your yard of every living insect and crawling thing is not the answer. We know which insects are valuable to your yard and which ones will be a destructive influence. No matter the benefit, we also know insects and pests do not belong in the home. An insect’s benefit outside is null and void inside your house and that is because they cause destruction, mess and frustration.

A spider free home is a happy home

Homes should not be cozy places of spider habitation. The only spider that should be allowed is the one your child is masquerading in blue and red spandex. Though not all spiders bite, some do and you need to protect your family. That’s where Pointe Pest Control, your trusted spider exterminator, comes in. We remove all spiders from your home safely, using non-toxic methods to bring you a spider free home year round. Call us today for a pest free home all year long.