The Nasty Truth (and unTruths) About Earwigs

By June 19, 2017Misc/Other

earwig-751492_1280Earwigs are an unsightly and unattractive insect. Their fast moving bodies seem to turn up at the most inopportune times, not to mention that with their horrifying pincers, they appear quite devilish. They are not exactly a cuddly creature and these nasty bugs are one of the more feared insects. Because of their frightening appearance, earwigs have attained a bad rap over the centuries but most of the fear is unnecessary. On the whole earwigs are rather harmless but just a disgusting and irksome pest. Knowing a little more about earwigs may (or may not) help you sleep better at night. Regardless, if you have an earwig problem, a good and trusted earwig exterminator is the key to a complete earwig free home.

Earwigs lay eggs in your ears: untruth

For centuries, it was believed that earwigs would crawl into your ears while you slept and lay eggs in your ears, possibly even burrow further into your brain. Not only would your ears make a terrible nest for an earwig, it’s completely unlikely this would ever happen. Most cultures have a similar name for this insect—”ear piercer” in French, “ear worm” in German or “ear turner” in Russian, all of which are downright freaky. While an earwig crawling into your ear is unlikely, it is not impossible. However, if given the chance, ANY insect could crawl into your ear. The point is, earwigs are not determined to nest in your ears so you can ease your mind about this.

Earwigs like wet environments: truth

Earwigs love areas of high moisture content. In nature, they are found under the bark and leaves where it’s wetter and dark. You may find them in piles of debris or compost in your yard or under rocks or bark in your flower beds. Inside your home however, they congregate near your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or basement. You may find them hiding in wet rags or on a damp basement floor. Removing unnecessary moisture in your home will deter them, but not forever.

An earwigs pincher is only used for intimidation: untruth

The pincher on an earwig is one of the scariest things about it but that pincher is actually quite useful for the earwig. Not only is it used as defense, but earwigs use this in mating. They are almost like another appendage at times being used to grab things as well. While it does intimidate their prey, they can use this pincer or forcep for many purposes.

Earwigs can pinch or attack humans: truth

Earwigs use their forcep to defend themselves. If you are a threat to them and they are trying to protect themselves, you could be pinched. This painful pinch can cause a red welt but there is no venom and are not poisonous. Earwigs only rarely bite humans and thus their pinch is harmless, albeit upsetting and painful, it is not common. They only bite if extremely agitated. If they perceive you as a threat, they will latch onto your skin with their pincer, thus warning you to back away. But you are in control, not them. If earwigs are biting, your Pointe Pest Control earwig exterminator can stop them.

DIY earwig control is easy: untruth

Getting rid of earwigs on your own can be a tricky process. They are small, gravitate towards water and excellent hiders. Homeowners often miss their hiding places and fail to sufficiently remove the problem. The longer they are left to infest, the more problematic this issue becomes. You need expert earwig control to fix the problem for good. An earwig exterminator knows everything about this pest and can quickly find the root of the problem, where they are coming from and how they are getting in. With just the right treatments designed to specifically combat earwigs, we can help you be free of this pest in no time.

Professional earwig control at your service

Pointe Pest Control is experienced at quickly removing not only the pest but helping you locate the earwig’s food source, entrance points and attraction to your home. By ridding your home of their comfort spots, such as woodpiles, debris, untrimmed vegetation and drainage pits, we can help discourage the return of earwigs. Keeping them out of your home for good is our goal and routine inspections and treatments will ensure this happens. We are happy to make your home a safe and pest free one. Call us today, we look forward to serving you.