Bloody Biting Bugs

By November 18, 2015Bedbugs

If you think you can hide, you can’t. Bed bug numbers are increasing throughout America. If you thought they could only be found in rundown motels, think again. They have spread to homes, offices, movie theaters, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals even public transportation. The chances that you will come into contact with an insect blood sucker have never been higher.

What makes them a big problem?

Super Hitchhikers: Bed bugs spread because they love hitching rides on clothing, purses, and luggage. Their flattened body shape allows them to hide in small spaces. You might be transporting bed bugs and never know until it’s too late.

No Food, No problem: You might think you if you have an infestation, you can go spend the week at your relatives. If you aren’t home, bed bugs will die from starvation, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Bed bugs can go several months between meals.

Hiding in Your Home: Bed bugs love to hide. Imagine all the places in your bedroom where you could hide a sesame seed and you begin to realize how many hiding places there are for a bed bug. You might never see one, but you will see the bite marks on your arms, face and legs each morning you wake up.

They’ll Find You: One of the first things you might try if you are getting bit is sleeping in another room. It might work for a few nights, but it won’t last long. Bed bugs are built to find you. They can sense heat and the carbon dioxide you exhale. Though they prefer within 8 feet of their victims, they can trafvel up to 100 feet each night looking for you.

Over the counter is not an option: You can forget the foggers, bed bugs will simply hide in your electrical outlets and within your walls until the chemical disappears. Bed bugs are resilient to common pesticides and will adapt and become immune.

Are those eggs? A single female bed bug can lay over 200 eggs in her lifetime. Any females in the batch will produce another 200 eggs. It won’t take long for a few bed bugs to become a frightening infestation.

The Bed Bug Solution: Pointe Pest Control

If you are tired of fighting a winless war against bed bugs, it is time to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. No matter how massive, we can eliminate any bed bug infestation. Our certified technicians have years of dedicated bed bug eradication experience. We have the most current technologies for fighting bed bugs, and we are serious about bed bug control. Eliminating them from your home or work place is what we do best. You might want to hide from bed bugs, but it is our job to find them and eliminate them for good. Your home can once again become a pest free sanctuary. Give Pointe Pest Control a call today.