It’s Getting Cold. They Want Inside.

By October 28, 2015Misc/Other, Rodents, Spiders

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Spokane, Washington is a feast for the eyes with the Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, Spokane Falls, and Mount Spokane State Park. These are beautiful options for a weekend or day trip among nature. As the seasons change, the splendid sights of Spokane only increase in beauty. But even for the most enthusiastic nature and outdoors lover, even they don’t like nature waltzing into their homes to take up residence and neither do you. It’s one thing to admire a beautiful spider in its web or appreciate a vast ant hill, but it’s an entirely different thing to allow these exquisite pieces of nature to sleep next to you. That simply will not do.

Pointe Pest Control appreciates nature too so we only use the most environmentally friendly methods to remove infestations from your home. And as the months grow colder, this only increases their tenacity—they want inside! Your home offers the warmth and shelter they need. Here are the top 5 pests to watch out for as the temperatures drop:


Rodents will stop at nothing to keep their families safe. They can chew through just about anything, thus it is vital to keep your home sealed tight. Regular inspections will insure that they haven’t chewed through anything to get inside.


Homeowners often believe spiders “disappear” or die during the winter months. That isn’t the case. Maybe the female dies, but beforehand, she left you a gift—an egg sac with thousands of her offspring. She knew your house was warm and cozy. If you don’t call in Pointe Pest Control, you may not find the egg sac till it’s too late!


Like nearly all pests, ants are quite determined, little creatures who just want food. If the weather is inhospitable, they will move their colony somewhere safer, warmer and more accessible to food. If a scout ant has spotted your house, it won’t be long before his scent pheromone trail leads all his buddies inside your house.


These pests definitely make this list. They want your kitchen, want your shelter and are assuredly one of the nastiest pests out there. Spreading disease and contaminating everything in their wake, it is definitely a homeowner’s nightmare to find an infestation of cockroaches.


In the fall, you’ll notice a surge of flies suddenly. The days are cool but as the nights get cooler, they want to prolong their short lives as long as possible. The frost kills them off but before they go, they want to get into your cozy house before the cold temperatures claim them.

Being extra vigilant with pest control and regular inspections during the fall and winter is important. It will minimize the risk of infestation once spring and summer hit. Call Pointe Pest Control today to make sure your home is winter ready.