Trick them, don’t treat them!

By October 20, 2015Spiders


With the vanishing summer warmth and the approaching cooler, fall months, everyone gets ready for the fun holidays to begin such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. People decorate their homes with spooky things, kids plan their Halloween costumes and haunted houses open up everywhere. It’s easy to get sucked into the creepy spirit of spiders, witches and pumpkins popping up everywhere but the last thing you want is a real house of haunting spiders lurking around every corner. However, that is exactly what happens in the fall months as the weather turns chilly. Spiders seek warmth and protection, more specifically, a safe, cozy place to place their egg sac until it hatches in spring. Your home has all the necessities they need and they will stop at nothing to get inside. They won’t bother knocking and yelling “Trick-or-Treat!” either, they’ll just rudely waltz in and make themselves at home. Are you going to allow that?

Trick them, don’t treat them!

Pointe Pest Control is experienced at hunting down the spiders and their eggs sacs. We know where they like to hide and our techniques will ensure that come spring, you won’t have a house full of unwanted baby spiderlings. Here are a few tips to decreasing spiders around your home during the winter:

1-Clear unwanted debris from outside your home
Spiders live love leave piles, wood piles or any other kind of pile you can think of. They live for clutter so de-clutter and remove all spider nesting spots.

2-Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum
Spiders don’t necessarily like outside light, but other flying bugs and flies do. Spiders will hang out where there is a decent meal and if you’re providing that with a well lit porch and patio, spiders will be frequent diners there.

3-Seal cracks in your home, windows, and doors
This is a given. If your home is sealed tight as a drum, you leave them outside and extremely disappointed.

Call the Pointe Pest Control experts!

Last but not least, call in the professionals. We know how gross, creepy and annoying spiders are in your home and we want to help you make it a peaceful haven once again. Unless you’d like to invite them in to add to the spooky holiday spirit, spider control in Eugene is best left to the us. We use the best, most environmentally friendly methods of removing spiders. Our spider control is gentle for your family and loved ones, so you won’t need to worry about replacing scary spiders with dangerous chemicals. We got you covered! Give us a call today!