When the Rodents Come Scratching

By September 28, 2015Rodents

Your home is one of your greatest investments and every year homeowners go to great lengths to protect their home from burglaries, fire, natural disasters and flooding. Buying special insurance, security systems and safeguarding against fire and flood helps to ensure that your home will be safe if ill harm comes your way. But wait—what about pests? This type of preparation is often overlooked. What can a little spider or ant do? This is where homeowners are mistaken. Pests may be small but in great numbers, they can do as much damage in monetary value as some natural disasters. Protecting your home from pests, especially rodents, is vital.

How they get in

rodent 7

You might look at your house and think, “Mice and rats are big. I can understand a little ant getting in, but there are no openings large enough for a rodent.” That may be the case, but not for long. It is a myth that rodents have collapsable skeletons. They can’t flatten their bodies like pancakes and squeeze through a tiny crack. However, rodents can chew through almost anything. If there is a small opening, it won’t be long before a rodent (or several) has chewed that hole large enough to finally squeeze through. As a homeowner, you need to actively inspect the area around your home regularly for any small holes or openings. A small crack in your foundation? Oh that’s nothing to a rat. They can chew through cement, cinderblock, brick, lead and aluminum to name a few. If you have any small crevices, seal them up immediately and get Pointe Pest Control to get rid of them from around your home.

Pointe Pest Control to the rescue!

Hearing that rodents can chew through anything makes you feel pretty vulnerable but there are ways you can stop them. Pointe Pest Control uses the most effective rodent control available to get rid of them around your home. You may worry that maybe this kind of control is dangerous to your family or pets but never fear, we use only safe, non-toxic methods so you can have complete peace of mind. When it comes to the health of your family and loved ones, the safety of your home and their health is imperative. At Pointe Pest Control, our customers are our first priority and strive for your 100% satisfaction. Give us a call today!