Deep Fried Turkey…or Insects?

By November 30, 2015Misc/Other

As the most scrumptious of holidays has come and gone, everyone’s tummies full from the best dinner of the year. The meal centers around that big, delicious bird, dripping in flavorful juices. How to cook this bird is up to personal preference. Roasting and baking are two of the most common ways to cook a turkey but in recent years, deep fat frying is another way that has gained popularity. Dumping it in a large pot of oil and seasonings locks in all the juices and makes the skin crispy and delightful. But let’s be real, you can improve nearly any food by frying it! Turkey isn’t the only thing that tastes delicious fried. Insects are one tasty fried treat that is catching on in the United States. Many other places around the world have been devouring insects in many varieties for centuries and people in the US are just now realizing the health benefits as well as the tastiness. Below are several insects that taste incredible when fried:

Fried Spiders

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One of Cambodia’s favorite treats are fried spiders. In the past, you’ve always called Pointe Pest Control to take care of your spider problem, but what if you just caught them, fried them and used them as a side dish with your dinner. Does that make you shudder? Well in other places around the world, fried spiders, particularly tarantulas, are one incredibly tasty snack!

Fried Ants

fried red ant

What better way to find use for a pest like red ants, than to fry and eat them! This insect isn’t recommended to eat in large quantities due to the ant venom, it can actually make you sick. But sprinkled over your salad or as a garnish to your meal, they add a flavorful crunch. This is a creative way to look at any ant infestation. If you can’t beat ‘em, EAT ‘em!

Fried grasshoppers

Also known as Mexican chapulines, fried grasshoppers will knock the socks off of any regular taco when added to the dish. That extra punch of protein will give it a healthy spin as well as give your meal some fabulous texture and variety.

Fried grubs

Fried larvas

The thought of ingesting a squishy, flubby grub will make anyone’s stomach turn. But it’s been said that fried grubs are surprisingly delicious. The taste is nutty and egg-like, completely chock full of protein. There are many varieties, from little mealworms you can eat by the handful to the Australian witchetty grub, which is the size of your thumb.

If you happen to save the oil after deep fat frying your turkey you might as well try your hand at deep frying insects too. There’s a whole world of delicious insects that us Americans are missing out on, why not give it a try? And if insects are too much for your palate, that’s okay. Give Pointe Pest Control a call and we’ll take care of all your unwanted pests. Don’t delay, get your home pest free for the holidays! We look forward to helping you.