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By November 11, 2021Rodents

Rats are a very big problem in Oregon. For decades the state has tried to implement ways to help keep the rat population down but no matter what, it seems homeowners in the state continue to battle the problem. For this reason, it is critical that all homeowners in Oregon know what types of rats are more common here, and even where they can most expect to run into a problem. Any time you do find yourself dealing with a rat problem, it is important to speak to an Oregon pest control company that can help you get rid of it.

Norway Rat in Streets

Are Rats Common in Oregon?

Rats are extremely common in Oregon. The rodents are something state and municipal governments have been contending with for some time. While rats and rodents can be found in all parts of the state, there are some areas that are more prone to problems than others. Over recent years, cities such as Portland, Eugene, and Salem have seen a significant increase in urban rats. 

Perhaps the city with the worst rat problem in Oregon though is Astoria. Rats are the number one pest problem in this city, and they have been for over five decades. Seventy years ago, the city was one of 22 locations in the United States that were selected for a demonstration on how to deal with oversized rat populations. Local newspapers report thousands of tiny rodent footprints in the underground tunnels downtown, and at least 38 manholes are baited with rat traps every month. Even still, the city continues to battle the problem.

What Kind of Rats Live in Oregon?

There are three types of rats that are most common in Oregon. These are the black rat, the brown rat, and the roof rat. The black rat can grow up to five to six inches in length and despite their name, they are typically grey-brown with a pale grey underside. Sometimes, they may appear completely black. 

Brown rats are similar in appearance to black rats, but they are slightly rounder and have smaller ears and shorter tail. Brown rats go by many names, including the Hanover rat, the Norwegian rat, and the Norway rat. No matter what they are called, brown rats are one of the most common types of rodents in Oregon.

Roof rats have fur that is very sleek, and usually black or brown in color. These rats have large eyes, large ears, and a pointy nose. Their tail is hairless, scaly, and can measure longer in length than the rat’s body and head combined. As their name suggests, roof rats are likely to enter a home using the roof. They may tear off shingles and siding in order to enter a home. Other times though, they may also enter a home using openings in the eaves and walls, although they usually are found in areas that are of a certain height.

What if I Have Rats in My Yard? Is that Bad?

Having a rat problem inside the home is something no one ever wants to go through. Unfortunately, you still have a problem if you find them outside in your yard or garden. Rats carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and as they move through your yard, they can contaminate your vegetables, plants, and flowers. When you touch these contaminated items, it then poses a risk to you, your family, and even your pets.

Also, while rats may stay outside while the weather is warm, as soon as it starts to turn colder, those rats will start to try to find ways inside. If they are already near a place of shelter, such as your home, doing so is much easier. Once they get inside, not only will they pose the same risk to your family, but they can also destroy the structure of your home and the belongings within it. 

Rats also reproduce at an incredibly alarming rate, having about a dozen offspring each month. It is for this reason that if you see rats in your yard, you still need to call an Oregon pest control company that can help prevent an infestation from developing.

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