Top Ten Winter Pests

By December 15, 2021Ants, Bedbugs, Rodents, Spiders, Termites

During winter in the Pacific Northwest, many outdoor pests seek shelter inside. Others may have been living in your home for months but are more noticeable due to spending more time inside. In either case, you could be facing a real problem. At Pointe Pest Control, we provide solutions.

Winter Pest Control

You can count on our home pest control experts to provide fast, friendly service, identifying unwanted pests in your home and eliminating them in the most effective yet environmentally friendly way possible. The following highlights the ‘ten most wanted’ pests common in the winter months.

Eliminate These Winter Pests From Your Home

Most pests do not tolerate cold temperatures well and as food becomes sparse during the winter months, they look for ways to come indoors. They can gain access through open windows, cracks in walls, or through chimneys. They can even hitchhike on plants and other items you bring in from outside. Those you are most likely to encounter include:

  1. Ants

More than just a pest at summer picnics, ants are also one of the most common winter pests. Crawling on common household surfaces, such as kitchen counters and cabinets, they spread bacteria and aggravate allergies. In the case of carpenter ants, they can burrow through wood work, completely destroying structures.

  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the most dreaded household pests. They can gain entry through packages delivered to your home or your own luggage in the aftermath of winter vacations. Suspect a bedbug problem? These pests are good at hiding in bedding, along baseboards, in ceiling cracks, and even electrical outlets. If you see one, you likely have an infestation.

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches spread bacteria and odors while their waste triggers allergies and breathing problems. Thinking the winter months would kill them off? Not necessarily. To prevent an infestation, call in the professionals. 

  1. Mice, rats, and other rodents

Whether field mice, rats, or raccoons, rodents are a serious problem. In addition to spreading germs or diseases and putting you at risk for bites, they can contaminate food and chew their way through furniture, walls, wiring, insulation, and plumbing. 

  1. Plant bugs

Plants purify the air and make your house more cheerful over the long winter months. Unfortunately, they also provide transportation for pests. Rhopalidae, otherwise known as plant bugs, are common throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  1. Silverfish

These tiny pests are common in homes over winter and while relatively harmless, they breed quickly. They enter via items you bring in from outdoor areas, such as holiday decorations. Commonly found in attics and basements, be on the alert when getting things from storage or switching from summer to winter apparel.

  1. Spiders

Spiders are one of the most feared pests and for good reason. While some are harmless, there are spiders in the Pacific Northwest that can leave you suffering serious and even potentially life threatening ill health effects. Rather than risk your own safety, get our home spider control experts to eliminate them completely.

  1. Stink bugs

Stink bugs can enter your home via plants or fresh produce. A real nuisance, these pests can multiply quickly and are hard to get rid of. Rather than attempting it on your own and dealing with a smelly mess as a result-our professionals can take care of the problem quickly and effectively.

  1. Termites

These are one of the most dreaded types of household pests due to the massive destruction they can cause in and around your home. Do not even attempt to eradicate them on your own. Contact our home termite control experts right away.

  1. Ticks

A common pest over spring, summer, and fall, ticks can create serious problems during the winter months as well. The same as with other potential nuisances on this list, they are eager to get indoors during the winter months. Continue to check yourself and your animals after walks outdoors and if you suspect a tick problem, contact Pointe Pest Control for a free inspection.

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