Fatherly Insect Fathers

By June 16, 2016Misc/Other

Happy fathers day

With Father’s Day on the horizon, our thoughts turn to the amazing men that stood as examples of strength and comfort in our lives. Good fathers are the ones that sacrifice their time and talents to help us become the people we are today. The influence of a loving Dad brings joy into the hearts of our children. Did you know that there are insects in the world that are good fathers? We always talk about how insects are gross and disgusting, which they ARE if living in your home, but some of these are rather remarkable. Here are a few of the incredible father you can find in the insect world:

Daddy Long Legs

Male daddy long legs take on the role of a stay at home dad. He builds a nest for the eggs, and watches over them while they are vulnerable. They will clean the eggs and make certain that parasites and fungus are removed, just like your own father did for you while you were in the tub. The daddy long legs will protect the eggs from predators, even if he has to sacrifice his own life.

The Giant Water Bug

In a complete reversal of parenting roles, the male giant water bug takes on the full responsibility of raising the children. After courtship, the female water bug glues up to 150 eggs on the males back. After that, her job is done, but it is just beginning for the male. He will carefully use his back legs to oxygenate the eggs. He will also spend just enough time above water to eliminate any parasites from the eggs. After three weeks it is time for the eggs to hatch. At that time he stops eating to make certain that he doesn’t accidently consume one of his children. Sounds like your own dad, right?

Australian redback Spider

This relative to the black widow takes sacrifice to the extreme. After the male Australian redback spider mates with the female, he will do a summersault over her body and straight into her fanged mouth. As strange as it might be, the male redback understands that is he wants his offspring to live he must add nutrients and nutrition to the female that is bearing his young.

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