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By July 17, 2020Ants

It does not take a lot of food to draw ants into your kitchen, and perhaps even the rest of your home. Ants have an extremely strong sense of smell and so, once they have identified your home as a food source, they will likely try to find their way inside. So, how can you get rid of sugar ants in your kitchen and around the house? Are there ways to prevent them from getting inside in the first place? The answers to these common questions, and many others, are found below.

close-up of group of brown ants sharing piece of brown sugar

Are Sugar Ants in My Home?

Many ants are attracted to sweet substances and any time people see that an ant is attracted to something sugary, they automatically assume that it is a sugar ant. This is usually not true and is similar to labeling a person a vegetarian just because they eat vegetables. There is an ant known as a sugar ant, but this species is only native to Australia. As its name suggests, it is mainly attracted to sugar. Still, there are many different species of ants that seek out sweet substances.

Do These Ants Only Consume Sugar?

Sugar is full of carbohydrates, which is the main nutrient for any animal because it is the main source of energy. However, sugar ants and other ants that like sugar include much more than that in their diet. Even sugar ants are omnivores that will eat just about anything they come across. Most ants will eat a combination of protein and fats, which they typically consume by eating insects, and some are even attracted to the pollen of plants.

What Caused My Infestation of Sugar Ants?

Researchers have learned that ants have far more odor receptors than other insects and so, they can detect food from a great distance. Even the smallest amount of food left behind on the counter, or the tiniest spill on your floor, could be enough to attract sugar ants into the kitchen and other parts of the home.

How Can I Get Rid of Sugar Ants in the Home?

Like most types of ants, the best way to eliminate sugar ants is by using bait and insecticides. Both of these are extremely challenging for homeowners to use on their own. The bait traps on the market are not very effective because ants either avoid it, or there is not enough bait in the trap to kill the entire colony. Other times, the bait is too strong and so it kills the worker ants before they can take the bait back to the queen.

The most effective solutions to get rid of sugar ants are typically too strong for people to use on their own, and the toxic substances can be very dangerous to handle. This is particularly true when there are children or pets in the home that could be negatively impacted by the chemicals. As such, it is always best to call in a professional pest control company that can get rid of the ants safely and effectively.

Can I Prevent Sugar Ants in the Kitchen?

The best way to ensure that you never have a sugar ant problem is to prevent one from happening. The easiest way to do this is through simple cleanup procedures. The kitchen is, of course, the main source of food in the home and so, you should always thoroughly clean your countertops, stovetops, and all other surfaces in the kitchen. Also always throw out old food by discarding in a receptacle with a tight-fitting lid and take the garbage out frequently. Sweep and mop the floor regularly to ensure there are no spills that could attract sugar ants.

How do I Prevent Sugar Ants in Other Parts of the Home?

Ants like sugar and so, they are attracted to it regardless of where it is in the home. You can prevent them from invading other parts of the home just as you prevent them in the kitchen. Look under beds, in between couch cushions, and other areas of the home to determine if sugary snacks have been left behind for ants to eat. Clean up anything that could attract ants, and always keep all areas of the home clean.

How Can I Kill Sugar Ants?

You will find many different home remedies that claim to eliminate sugar ants. Unfortunately, these are ineffective and in many cases, even unsafe to handle. The best way to kill sugar ants is to call a professional pest control that can analyze the problem, identify the source of entry, and kill the sugar ants.

Our Washington Pest Control Company can Help

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