Scholarship Winners 2019-2020

By June 26, 2020Media & News

At Pointe Pest Control, we care about our communities and we strive to get involved in the neighborhoods in which we work and live. One way that we do this is by supporting students in our communities. When we created our scholarship program, our objective was to improve the quality of lives of the people who live in the towns where our scholarship applicants and service recipients live. We believe that education is one of the foundational elements of building communities, good lives, and improving equity.

This year, we received numerous amazing scholarship applications and were both wowed and touched by the responses we had the opportunity to read. After spending several hours combing through the entries, we have selected three outstanding students to receive our scholarship award in 2020.

We asked students to share with us a good deed that they have performed for their community, family, or someone in their life. Our three winners shared with us the following stories about their good deeds–

Sara Boyer – Idaho

Idaho Scholarship Winner Sara

Concerned about food access in her community, especially children’s food access, Sara Boyer of Idaho spearheaded a 5K fundraiser race. The race engaged other community members, local businesses, and students, with proceeds being donated to the Lions Club Backpack program–a non-profit that offers funding to children in the community who do not have access to sufficient food and nutrition.

Cole Daniels – Washington

2020 Scholarship winner Cole Daniels

As a lover of baseball, Cole Daniels of Washington channeled his passion for the sport into something more meaningful: a way to make baseball more accessible for others. To be sure, Cole founded the Grays Harbor Challengers–a baseball team for children with special needs in the Grays Harbor community. The team incorporates a buddy system, which fosters friendship and helps to protect and assist the players. Cole shared that the program has not only had a noticeable impact on the players but has also immensely impacted his own life. He described the experience as nothing short of “incredible.”

Jon “Brennan” Stults – Oregon

Brennan Oregon Scholarship Winner

Jon stood up for someone when there was no one else to step in – something that the world needs now more than ever before. When a teen in Jon’s community was being bullied, Jon stepped in and stopped it. Jon soon learned that the bullied boy was living in a foster home; he had lost his father at age six and his mother at age 12. When the teen felt he could no longer remain in the foster home, he packed his car with the intention of leaving. Again, Jon stepped in: he offered up his own home (with his parents’ permission) as a safe place to stay. The teen lived with Jon and his family for nine months.

Keep Doing Good

If you were not a scholarship winner this year, we encourage you to apply again next year. What’s more, we hope that you will be inspired to continue performing good deeds and acting with empathy and compassion in your own community!