Great Gift Ideas For Bug Lovers

By December 16, 2015Misc/Other

Some people on your Christmas list are impossible to buy for. You rack your brains thinking of what they’d like or what they need and you come up completely stumped every time, wandering aisles of stores in utter hopelessness. It’s always safe to find that person’s passions and center a gift around that. If they are bug lovers, there are quite a few possibilities to consider. If insects fascinate them, play to their interest and the gift you give will be a lot more exciting than the newest toy, fanciest jewelry or coolest gadget. An awesome insect gift can be for any age or gender and bring limitless hours of enjoyment. Here is Pointe Pest Control’s list of the coolest bug gifts for the holidays.


Magnifying Glass

This gift can bring the tiny world of insects right up close. What was once small and far away can now be seen in great detail with this gift. Not to mention, it’s portable and fun to take on nature walks.


While on the topic of bringing definition to those small creatures, why not view in an extremely detailed view? This gift will give the gift of discovery and education.


This may seem like a crazy gift but for the bug lover, this kind of gift is an adventure. Learning the art of beekeeping and then getting the sweet reward of honey later is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Butterfly Net

For butterfly lovers, this gift helps them catch those delicate, fluttering insects for closer inspection. Children especially love butterfly nets, turning any hike or walk into a game.

Ant Farm

What better way to view ants and their curious ways that with an ant farm? Watching them carve their tunnels and store their food is eye opening and entertaining for all ages.

Ladybug Land

Along the same lines of an ant farm, a ladybug land also allows the opportunity to watch these pretty little insects in action.

Insect Books

Whether it’s a fascinating coffee table book or a brightly colored picture book, bug lovers of all ages love looking at pictures of rarely seen insects or reading new and interesting facts about their favorite species. A good book is always a great option.

For your insect loving friend or family member, these gifts are sure to fuel their passion for all things bug and bring a big smile to their face. But if seeing bugs in your home brings a sour frown to yours, you better give Point Pest Control a call today to keep your home safe and pest free.