Bah HumBUG!

By December 23, 2015Misc/Other

The holidays bring family, gifts, lights and a magical touch to everything but there are those, like the famous character Scrooge, who just dread this time of year. Where there is enchantment for some, there is stress for others. The large amounts of money spent, overstuffed days and awkward holiday parties are too much for some people and they resonate well with that iconic phrase, “Bah humbug!” But one huge plus side is that with the coming of winter, the bugs seem to disappear. Note the word SEEM—because they really don’t. Whether it’s a nice, juicy egg sac they’ve left to hatch for spring, a secret hiding place of hibernation or simply that you’re too preoccupied with the holidays to notice a mouse or two scurrying around, pests do not disappear during the winter. And when you have pests in your house, the expression “Bah humBUG” fits all too perfectly.


Don’t let your guard down

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you should stop actively striving for a pest free house. In fact, there are some pests that become exceptionally more persistent in the winter, doing everything they can to get into your peaceful, warm and cozy house. You have everything they need to outlast the cold winter. No matter the pest, no matter the season, pest control cannot let up with the changing seasons. Just when you relax, that’s when they attack and soon you could have a huge problem on your hands that will amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. A nest of rodents gone unnoticed in your garage or shed can demolish anything and everything in their paths. Vigilance is the key and when you’re too busy making sure your all your holiday parties go off without a hitch, let Pointe Pest Control take care of the rest. Setting up a consistent pest control schedule will give you one less thing to think about.

Year round pest control

Pointe Pest Control is your professional team of experts who are ready to help you keep your home sealed tight to those damaging invaders outside. We help lay down a perimeter of defense, a veritable force field to the pests that destroy. We use only the most advanced techniques for keeping pests away, but don’t worry, our methods are completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic to your loved ones and treasured pets. Give us a call today and we can help banish all the humBUGS in your life.