The Ineffective, Uphill Battle of DIY Ant Control

By March 24, 2016Ants

close-up of group of brown ants sharing piece of brown sugar

There is only one reason ants get into your house and that is because you have just what their colony needs to thrive—FOOD. Being small, they can get into your home with very little effort. Just a crack in the exterior of your home or a poorly sealed door or window can be the entrance to salvation for them. They can easily sniff out your kitchen and find enough goodies to expand their colony exponentially. Upon finding ants in the kitchen, homeowners become desperate and resort to do-it-yourself ant control methods. From over the counter products at the grocery store to old wive’s tales Googled on the internet, people have tried for hundreds of years to keep ants out of the kitchen.

Dangers of DIY ant “remedies”

Searching for natural ant control online, you will find a myriad of tips and ideas to try. After browsing you’ll find ideas such as spraying lemon juice around the openings, sprinkling cinnamon along the walls, spreading peppermint oil liberally around doors and windows, and our personal favorite, a mixture of borax, water, sugar and peanut butter spritzed around common ant pathways. Rather than spreading all your food around doors, windows and walls, there is an easier way and Pointe Pest Control has it. Even if some of these remedies deter ants from that area of your home, the colony still exists. In fact, DIY methods have the potential of scattering the colony rather than extinguishing it. If the colony gets scattered, they will then create new sub-colonies, thus increasing the existing problem.

Pointe Pest Control’s methods are safe

DIY ant control websites tout their non-toxic remedies that will protect your family from harmful chemicals. But never fear, Pointe Pest Control’s ant control treatments are completely safe, non-toxic around your children and pets. Providing you effective ant control is our goal. Spraying bottle after bottle of grocery store chemical or expensive, futile essential oils will only leave you frustrated over the constant return of these insects day after day. Dispersing ants from your kitchen with fruitless chemicals will spread them to other areas of your home like the bathrooms and laundry room. There they can find water and food as well, making your annoyance complete.

Ant free forever

Pointe Pest Control is experienced at removing ant infestations completely, to the relief of homeowners all over Idaho, Washington and Oregon. But just because we removed your ant infestation today, doesn’t mean they won’t make their way back in next month. Setting up year round ant control inspections will prevent new infestations from happening again, bringing you right back to where you started. Our treatments keep your home ant free year round, much to the happiness of all in your household. Give us a call today and we will make satisfied customers out of you for that is our goal!