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When Do You Need Missoula Rodent Control?

Rodents are not as great of a problem in Missoula during the spring and summer months when the outdoors provides plenty of shelter and food for these pests. As the weather turns colder though, rodents start to try and get inside of homes, where they can find better shelter and easier access to food. Many people think rodent control only involves mice and rats, but there are other pests that fall into this category, as well. Below, our Missoula rodent control experts explain the signs you may have a problem and can help you eliminate an infestation when one develops.

Common Rodents in Missoula

The most common types of rodents, mice, and rats, are just two types of pests that a Missoula rodent control company can eradicate from your home. The most common types of rodents in Missoula are as follows:

  • House mice: House mice are the most common type of rodent that invades people’s homes, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. House mice are quite small and are identifiable by their large ears, short hair, and pointed nose.
  • Roof rats: As their name suggests, roof rats make their nests in high places such as in roofs and attics. They are nimble climbers and will sleep most of the day in their nests. If a roof rat is spotted by a homeowner, it is likely there is a greater infestation nearby.
  • Norway rats: Norway rats are the most common type of rat. They have very large teeth that are always growing and so, they constantly need to gnaw on items to file them down. Norway rats have a characteristic bi-colored tail that is quite long, tiny ears, and small eyes.
  • Moles: Moles have a very distinct look with small beady eyes that are barely visible, and large front paws that are light in color and contrast sharply with the black body of a mole. They use their paws for digging underground and when they make their home in a yard, they create large holes that are as unsightly as they are dangerous.
  • Voles: Voles are often confused for moles, even though their appearance is more similar to a house mouse. Like moles, voles also dig underground and can become a real nuisance as they make a yard unusable for homeowners.

Due to the fact that you may not see the above rodents even if you have an infestation, it is important to know the signs to look for, so you know when to call a Missoula rodent control company.

When to Call a Missoula Rodent Control Company

It is critical that rodent problems are eliminated as quickly as possible. These creatures carry and transmit diseases to humans, and will quickly contaminate your food and other belongings. Rodents, however, are skillful evaders and may not always make their presence known. The most common signs that you need a Missoula rodent control company include:

  • Droppings: Droppings, or the feces of rodents, are often the first sign that there is a rodent infestation. The droppings of mice are small and pointed, resembling grains of rice. Droppings of rats, on the other hand, are much larger and rounder, resembling raisins.
  • Tracks: Rodents will not typically leave tracks on their own, but you can find them by sprinkling flour or baby powder along your floor. As the rodents move through the substance, they will leave tracks. These substances are most effective when used on the floor against walls, where rodents are most likely to travel.
  • Sounds: Sometimes, homeowners will hear rodents before they ever see them. The presence of roof rats is often indicated by scratching sounds from above, while scratching or scurrying sounds inside of walls or floorboards generally indicate a mouse problem.
  • Chewed items: Rats must constantly chew to file down their teeth that never stop growing. Mice, on the other hand, will chew to collect materials for their nest or to get inside food packages. Any time you see chewed items around the home, it is likely that you have a rodent problem.

Unfortunately, the above are just a few indicators that it is time to call a Missoula rodent control company. These experts will inspect the entire property to determine how rodents are gaining access, and eliminate the problem once and for all.

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