Pests Are Preparing For The Cold Weather Ahead

By September 24, 2019Rodents, Spiders

You might be inclined to believe that pests take the winter off, but that would be a mistake. Each year, pests, in preparation for winter, seek out warmer climes such as your temperature-controlled domicile. Rodents, roaches, and spiders are among the most likely pests to infiltrate your home this fall, while other pests such as ants, will go into hibernation. Preparing for fall pest control requires more than just banking on the cold to protect you. So what can you do, as a diligent homeowner, to protect your house from pests throughout the winter? In this article, we’ll discuss some key measures you can take.

prepare for fall pests

Dealing with Rodents

While many insects will take the winter off, rodents won’t. Like most warm-blooded creatures, they are fans of the cold. Homes that allow them easy access end up becoming nests. When that happens, rats and mice can chew up your woodwork, electrical wires, and even cause fires. Beyond that, once they’re in your home, they can contaminate it with their urine and feces, spreading serious diseases along the way.

What most folks don’t know is that they’re attic is as likely an avenue of entry as their basement or foundation is. Since both rats and mice are stellar acrobats, they can scale the electrical wiring connecting your home to the power grid. They then exploit entryways underneath the eaves of your house, nearby trees, or improperly sealed windows. Once they’re there, they’re difficult to get rid of.

So what can you do to prevent pests from entering your home in the winter?

    1. Keep all food sealed – Most folks will stick their box of cereal in the cupboard and forget about it. We recommend you don’t. The best way to store goods that come in boxes is to transfer them to sealable containers. While rats are adept at chewing, plastic still creates a problem for them. Keeping your food sealed in containers prevents your home from being a beacon for rats and mice.
    2. Be wary of pet food – We’re very serious about using plastic containers. This includes using plastic containers for pet food. Your pets love the food, and so will the rats. So keeping a literal lid on it is especially effective against rodent invasions.
    3. Shore up your crevices – You’re going to want to make sure that your foundation is solid and that any holes in your attic or other inlets into your home are properly sealed. Failure to do so provides a beacon for cold little rodents looking for a place to hole up for the winter.

Seal Your Home Against Insects

Believe it or not, insects are active in the winter. Not all insects, but some. As the temperatures drop, these insects will look for a warmer place to go and be an insect. Don’t let this be your home! How can you prevent this:

    1. Weatherproof your windows and doors – Weatherproofing your windows and doors prevent insects from exploiting tiny cracks between the window and the wall that you don’t even know are there.
    2. Seal your foundation – You’ll want to go around the foundation of your home to check for inlets into your house. Insects looking for a nice warm place to go will exploit these minute cracks to their advantage.
    3. Caulk cracks along bathroom and kitchen fixtures – Insects love moisture and are naturally drawn to areas like your kitchen or bathroom where moisture tends to be. Even minuscule cracks along these fixtures can provide inlets for insects into your home.
    4. Install sweepers on exterior doors – Insects love coming in underneath your doors. Keep them out by installing sweepers.

Make Sure You Aren’t Attracting Pests

The cooling temperature makes it more likely that pests will invade your home. Are you adding to this by making any of the following mistakes?

    1. Keeping firewood close to your house – Keeping firewood too close to your home makes it infinitely more likely that wood-boring pests will invade. Maintain an adequate distance between your home and the firewood.
    2. Keep recycling covered or away from your garage – Used soda cans and other food containers can attract pests. If these are kept in attached garages, they can put common house pests such as roaches on high alert. Keep recycling and garbage in covered bins to ensure that buggers don’t set up shop in your home.

Call Pointe Pest Control for a Fall Pest Control This Year

Pest prevention begins with you taking the matter seriously. If you’re concerned about how pests might invade your home this fall, Pointe Pest Control provides free inspections and will recommend a treatment plan to keep your home pest-free this winter.