Predicting the Storm of Pests

By April 14, 2017Misc/Other

Before you take that vacation, you might scrutinize the weather forecast. You want to know if it is going to be good weather for your biking trip, or if it will be better to hunker down in a hotel. When it comes to yearly weather spikes, some Northwest winters are cold, while others can be unseasonably warm. Knowing the weather can also help you understand the pests that you will be dealing with. If you have a storm of pests brewing on the edges of your home, Pointe Pest Control can help. Washington, Oregon and Idaho pest control is what we do best.

What does weather have to do with pests?

It is a strange concept, but knowing a few insectoid facts can make all the difference. You see, insects cannot regulate their body temperature. When you get cold, your body shivers, when you get to hot, you sweat. An insect doesn’t have your ability to thermo-regulate. When it gets cold insects slow down, and when the temperature increases they become more active. If the winter weather is unusually warm, the insects are going to be active. If the weather is unseasonably cold, more insects will die off. In fact, a nice frost or cold spell can set mosquitoes back by several weeks.

Seeking Shelter

While temperatures swings alter insect lifecycles, cold weather can drive them to do somethings else. Imagine what you do when the temperature drops. You head inside, turn up the thermostat, and enjoy a warm night by the fire. Unfortunately there are quite a few pests that will try to do the same. Mice, squirrels and other rodents would love to find a way into your home. Mice come with a unique character trait. An adult mouse can squeeze its body through a hole that is the size of a nickel. If you have areas on the outside of your home where gas lines and electrical cables enter, you will want to make certain there aren’t any gaps. It’s a guarantee with temperature and rodent infestations. As the weather decreases, the infestations increase. The good news is that you don’t have to live with rodents. Since we understand pest control, we can help you reclaim your home.

Dine and Dash

Weather can cause other issues to your home. During the freeze thaw cycle, ice dams can be created on the edges of your roof. If enough water gets pushed up under your shingles, the wood can begin to rot. Carpenter ants love rotting wood. If a few carpenter ants discover that your home has a weakness in the wood, they will chew through and soon be living inside of your walls. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. The ants chew tunnels, pathways, and galleries through the studs of your walls. Their goal is to make a home inside of your home. Their diet consists of sugary and meaty foods. If you leave pet food out, they will go after it. If your child spills their breakfast cereal the ants will march.

Pointe Pest Control

When it comes to pest control in the Northwest, you need to turn to the experts with Pointe Pest Control. We understand the pests that are out to ruin your home, and we know how to eliminate those pests. When you want the best in pest control, give us a call.