Spiders Knocking at the Door

By August 17, 2018Spiders


Homeowners spend approximately 20.64 billion dollars each year on home security systems because the thought of a burglar or thief coming in and stealing the things you work so hard to earn or harming your family in any way is worth it. It is worth every penny so you can sleep better at night and know your family is safe. While it is important to protect your home from theft and burglary, it is equally important to protect your home from pests because they too can steal from you and also harm your family. Spiders especially are dangerous. Their bites can be painful and even deadly. Let’s face it, spiders are never going to knock at your door and come in. They are just like burglars, sneaking in, squatting in your home, never paying rent and if you get to close, they knife–err–BITE you. Professional spider control is vital to keeping your home and family safe.

When is it time to spray for spiders?

Spiders are one of America’s most hated home invaders and professional spider control is the best way to solve it. The problem is, just like you can’t set up home security for one hour and expect it repel the burglars for a year, you can’t treat your home once for spiders and expect that one treatment to keep spiders away all year. Effective spider control needs to be used not just during spider season but all year long. Spider control is tricky because spider legs are covered in a protective coating and since their bodies do not touch the ground, sometimes it’s difficult to get the treatments to be effective. That is why your professional pest control team implements many methods of spider control to remove them from your home.

When will spiders start trying to get in the house?

Spiders are definitely more noticeable inside during certain times of the year. But when you do not see them, it does not mean they have left. Spiders instinctively start looking for a warmer place during the later summer months. They know it will soon be cold and they need to find a warm, safe place to lay their egg sac. Your home is the perfect place for this. If they find a way inside, they will be laying that egg sac, bursting with spiderlings, inside your home. During the winter, you may breathe a sigh of relief because spider sightings seem less frequent. However, once spring rolls around and that egg sac hatches, that is when your life is miserable and there are hundreds of spiders all over your home.

What are signs of spiders in my house?

The signs of spiders a little more subtle compared to other pests. It’s not like with rodents where there are chew marks everywhere or like ants, where they are literally spilling out of the walls in lines to get your food. Spiders are more solitary and their presence is less evident. Here are a few signs of spider infestations to watch for:

  • Webs: Finding webs in corners, under furniture and in dark, damp places in your house is pretty much a dead giveaway that spiders are nearby. It is important to note that some home infesting spiders do not spin webs and instead hunt for their prey. The wolf spider is a good example of this.
  • Actual spider sightings: Spiders, like other pests, do not like being discovered. They are sneaky, stealthy and many are more active at night so while you sleep, you could be unaware of an active spider scene in your home. If you see one spider, chances are, there are many more because what brought that one spider inside your home, has probably attracted others.
  • Spider sacs: Finding a fuzzy, cotton-like fluff ball stuck to the underside of a windowsill or furniture or in the crevice of a wall or corner, is basically a living ball of spider nightmares. Once that thing hatches, you have gigantic problems.

Pointe Pest Control removes your spider infestation quickly

If you have a spider infestation, you cannot wait another day for it to be treated. Spiders are not just a freaky pest to have roaming around your home, but they also bite and some of these spider bites can be quite dangerous, depending on the spider. If the frequent spider sightings are causing you to Google “spider control near me,” we are your answer. Pointe Pest Control is your local spider control team that knows the best ways to fight spider problems year round. Our team is happy to be your experienced spider control home security system all year round, call us today!