That Scratching Sound

By January 23, 2019Rodents

If you live in wooded areas, along grassy fields, or anywhere near a river in Idaho, Oregon or Washington state, your odds of eventually finding a mouse in your home are good. One of the telltale signs that you could have a problem is the sound of scratching behind walls, on ceilings, and along ductwork. Make no mistake – even if you have not seen a mouse, these scratching noises could indicate an infestation. At Pointe Pest Control we can help you eliminate this problem safely and effectively before it has a chance to get larger or cause potentially serious damage.

house mouseScratching and Other Signs of a Rodent Problem

In the Pacific Northwest, there are a variety of different mouse species, which can be found in the woods and along waterways, where they may either burrow underground or use stacks of twigs to make their nests. In terms of the type that are most likely to invade your property, the aptly named house mouse is one of the most common types of pests. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, these small, grayish brown or black creatures can be found in the majority of counties located throughout the state. They are easily identified by their large ears and long tail, but actually getting a look at one can prove challenging.

House mice are inherently nocturnal creatures, meaning most of their activities, such as nest building and food gathering, occurs during the evening hours. When you hear scratching noises coming from your attic or behind walls and in ductwork at night while watching television or reading or when getting ready for bed, there is a good chance a house mouse is the culprit.

Other signs include:

  • Inspections that reveal chewed wiring, insulation, or wood beams;
  • Chewed-through boxes of food in your pantry or gnawed books, papers, or bags of clothing in your closet, attic, garage, or shed;
  • The presence of mouse droppings behind cabinets, in the corners of walls, along floorboards, and on windowsills.

If you are experiencing scratching and other signs of a mice problem, it is important to call in the professionals at Pointe Pest Control immediately to address the situation. Without ever actually coming face-to-face with a mouse, these signs could indicate an infestation in the making. This can happen quickly, and while house mice may not seem particularly dangerous, they can pose some serious hazards. They can ruin household items, jeopardize structures, and carry germs and diseases that could make your family sick.

Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

In addition to common house mice, that scratching behind the walls could also indicate the presence of rats as well. In our area, both the black rat and the nordic rat are drawn to urban areas and residential settings, where food, water, and shelter sources are more likely to be abundant.

To keep mice and other rodents from entering and nesting in or around your home, you need to eliminate these sources as much as possible. We recommend taking the following steps:

  • Seal up holes inside and outside your home. Repair gaps in floorboards, reinforce insulation and sheetrock in walls, caulk the area around doors and windows, and make sure your garage and attic are secure as well. Mice will be less likely to enter your home without an easy entranceway to go through.
  • Lay out traps. If you hear scratching in the walls and suspect mice or rodents are a problem, you can always try laying down a few traps. While this is often a last resort for residents and may present some ethical or safety concerns, there are traps you can use today that are non-toxic and do not harm the creature.
  • Clean up any areas where food is kept. If you suspect a mouse problem, be careful not to leave food sitting on counters or in cardboard packaging in cupboards where mice can easily gnaw through. Be extra careful in washing plates, dishes, glasses, and silverware before using, as mice hairs and droppings may have contaminated surfaces.

Contact Us About Rodent Exclusion Services Today

Making the effort to deal with a mouse problem on your own is challenging and time consuming. Instead, take action to protect your family and end the problem once and for all by calling in our rodent control experts. Reach out to Point Pest Control, contact our mouse control experts to request a free estimate today.