True or False – Cheese Is The Best Rodent Bait?

By February 11, 2022Rodents

Mice are one of the most common types of pests. While some people think they are cute and actually purchase them to keep as pets, when they enter your home unwanted it can create serious problems. Mice can infest your pantry, walls, crawl spaces, or other areas, they carry germs and diseases that endanger your health and can do thousands of dollars in damage to household belongings, wiring, wood, or insulation. 

At Pointe Pest Control, our rodent control experts help you address this problem. We provide fast, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions to rid your home of mice and other pests once and for all. Prior to calling in the professionals, you may have been relying on mouse traps to keep things under control. Find out about the best rodent bait and other potential issues you may encounter when using mouse traps. 

Cheese Is The Best Rodent Bait?

Why Mouse Trap Cheese May Not Be The Best Idea

Rodents are one of the most dangerous types of household pests due to their destructiveness and potential for carrying germs that can cause serious diseases. Among the different types of rodents likely to invade your home, mice are one of the most common. They live in gardens, sheds, and other outdoor areas during warm weather months and typically move indoors once the weather drops. 

Rather than actually seeing a mouse, subtle signs often alert homeowners to their presence. This includes scratching sounds at night, gnawed holes in baseboards, cabinets, and plastic containers, electrical issues due to damaged wiring, and-most disgusting-mouse droppings. To address the problem, your first inclination may be to reach for a mousetrap and load it with cheese. This may not be the best idea. Despite the general perception about how much mice love it, mousetrap cheese is not always the best rodent bait for the following reasons: 

  • It is difficult to position in mouse traps;
  • It dries up too quickly, making it less appealing to mice;
  • There is a tendency to use too large a chunk, which mice can easily nibble on while avoiding the trap. 

Using Cheese or Peanut Butter In Mouse Traps

When it comes to the best rodent bait, using smaller pieces and softer types of cheese or peanut butter in mouse traps is generally a better idea. Peanut butter is good because it is sweet, which mice like. It also provides the proteins and other nutrients they crave in their diet. 

As opposed to hard, dry chunks of mousetrap cheese, peanut butter can be smeared in such a way that the mouse has to fully enter the mousetrap in order to reach it. Its stickiness prevents it from being dislodged, allowing you to place and position traps in tight places throughout your home, where mice are most likely to find them. Other types of rodent bait that is also effective include: 

  • Hazelnut spread;
  • Chocolate dips or spreads;
  • Dried meats or fruits;
  • Goat cheese, gouda, and mascarpone or other sweeter, softer cheeses. 

Why The Best Rodent Bait May Not Solve Your Mice Problem

The best rodent bait appeals to a mouse’s sweet tooth, has a high protein content, and is sticky and spreadable, allowing it to be used on traditional traps, electronic traps, and live lures. However, even using soft cheese or peanut butter in mice traps may not solve your problem. 

Picking the right rodent bait is just one part of mice prevention. Other equally important areas of concern include:

  • Identifying exactly where mice are hiding in your home;
  • Placing the baits in small, hidden areas;
  • Positioning them properly to ensure maximum effectiveness;
  • Eliminating trapped critters is the most unsavory and potentially hazardous part of rodent control for homeowners.

Call In The Rodent Control Experts At Pointe Pest Control

Rather than worrying about the best rodent bait and whether to use cheese or peanut butter in mouse traps, call in the experts at Pointe Pest Control. With more than 30 years of experience serving homeowners in our area, our clients count on us to provide the following:

  • Fast, friendly customer service;
  • Free home inspections;
  • The latest, highly effective, and environmentally-friendly pest control methods;
  • A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

Rather than relying on mousetrap cheese, having to continually place traps in places where family members are likely to encounter them, and dealing with the final results yourself, let our pest professionals eliminate your mouse problem once and for all. To find out more about our services or to schedule a home inspection, call or contact our rodent control experts online today.