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Vancouver Ant Control
Stops the Kitchen Chaos

Vancouver, Washington is a haven in the West, frequently touted as one of the most beautiful cities by residents, tourists and critics alike. In 2017, Sunset listed Vancouver’s Main Street as one of the “Best in the West” with the charming, historical buildings, brightly painted murals on the storm drains and that happy, hometown feeling that Vancouver is so good at delivering. The mood in Vancouver is cheerful and no matter the sunshine or the rain, it’s an upbeat town. But the second you come home to ants milling around, treating your kitchen like their own private banquet hall, the cheer evaporates. Nothing makes a person more grumpy than having to throw out food that is filled with pests. Even though ants do not carry or spread disease, they get into absolutely everything. Their primary goal is to keep the colony alive and if each ant brings home a big prize, that is food to keep the colony fed and food for the offspring. Crumbs, as well as anything sticky or sweet, are what ants love best and if these morsels are easily accessible, they will tell their friends.

How ants spread the word about dinner

It may shock you how quickly one or two ants can turn into 50 or 1,000 so quickly. Do they smell the crumbs? How is it that they gather so quickly, swarming around their find in such numbers? It is because of a specialized communication tool that ants use to alert the colony so they can have help dragging their newly found loot back to their home.

Ants have usually one thing on their minds: find food. When one ant discovers a jackpot, it sends out a scented pheromone to the rest of the clan that “Hey guys! I found food! Hurry quick!” The rest of the ants recognize this excited “call” and they come running as fast as they can. Soon you have hundreds of ants coming to help bring back the good. If your whole kitchen has easily accessible goodies to break into, they have their life made. Your boxes and bags of snacks, cereal and treats become vulnerable to contamination from these ants. And while some people are trying to make “edible ants” a popular snack, the last thing you want is to reach into your bag of chips and chew on ant flavored chips.


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Getting rid of ants is a long process

Ant control in Vancouver is not as simple as you may think. You can find dozens and dozens of ant control products such as baits, traps and sprays. Homeowners often find an infestation and their first instinct is to run to the store for help. This is often a really bad idea as it exacerbates the problem. Remember the pheromone communication ants use? Well, they also have one that says, “Run! Run! It’s an attack! Our friends are dying!” Once they see dying ants buddies from their colony, their pheromones go into instant alert. When the colony senses this alert, they do whatever they can to protect themselves and sometimes this means to scatter. If the colony is threatened, they will sometimes splinter off into different colonies to preserve the queen, new colonies even creating a new queen. When this happens, you ant problem is infinitely worse than before. Professional Vancouver ant control technicians are experienced in the effective science of ant removal because it IS a science and has to be done carefully.

Pointe Pest Control are your Vancouver ant control experts

When ants are threatening your happy space and your sanity, you don’t need to put up with it anymore. Ants will never go away on their own. A queen can live up to 30 years and before she dies, a new queen takes over thus continuing the colony. As you can see, they will never retreat on their own. Pointe Pest Control uses many techniques to safely remove ants without any hard to your family, pets or risk of scattering the colony and further heightening the infestation. Ants are one of the most frustrating infestations to get rid of and it does take continued inspections and treatments, especially if your home is in an ant ridden zone. Our technicians are friendly and can answer all your questions about ants or any other pests you are having troubles with. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you.